WiFi or Hotspot: Which one’s better for you?

Januari 9, 2023

Harga barang naik, but your pay tak naik? 🥲 We feel you.

That’s why we sent our experts out onto the field to find ways to help you cut costs on your WiFi without cutting your connection! Even better, now you can bring the connection with you anywhere by using your phone as a mobile hotspot.

Hold up, how’s that gonna work? Senang je!

Step 1: Purchase a Yoodo plan!

Choose between High-Speed Data or Unlimited Data and customise it to your needs.

Step 2: Choose how much Data or Hotspot you need
  • If High-Speed is what you need, you can purchase Data starting from RM12/month.
  • Don’t like limits? Then Unlimited’s what’ll work for you! Choose how much Hotspot you need from RM35/month.
Step3: Chat, surf, and game to your heart’s content

Now you can do #WhatYouWant with your mobile hotspot! And if you ever need more, you can top up any time, anywhere on the Yoodo app.

Ok, so. What makes mobile hotspots better than WiFi?

They’re portable and convenient

Working remotely or just always on the go? Bring your Internet connection with you everywhere! All you need to have is a smartphone with a hotspot feature (let’s face it, that’s pretty much any smartphone these days). Then you can easily keep all your mobile devices connected to the Internet with Yoodo.

Save more! Only spend on what you need

Outside of staying up to date on your socials or occasionally bingeing your favourite Kdramas, you don’t always need that much Data. By using a mobile hotspot, you can customise how much Data you need starting from only RM12/month. Add more Data or go less! It’s all up to you and now only a few taps away on the Yoodo app.

Keep your connection secure

Beware out there! Connecting to a public WiFi network is risky. It exposes you to security risks, malware attacks, having your information stolen, network snooping, and more. These can’t happen to you if you’re connected to your own network.

Stay connected even outside of Malaysia

Need to stay online while you’re travelling overseas? We’ve got the perfect fix for you! Use your existing Data plan overseas with our Roam Like Home passes starting from just RM5/day. All you have to do is select the number of days you’d like to stay connected and activate it once you’re abroad.

Need more juice for that extra push?

Deadlines and sudden virtual meetings can be chaotic! But all is good when you supercharge your plan with our Power Passes. Get up to EXTRA 100GB for streaming, torrenting (cough), or downloading files starting from just RM2.

Stay only one call away with VOLTE

Need to get on an important call and use the Internet? Of course can. With our VOLTE feature, you can experience crystal clear calls while you stream, game, and surf the web – No interruptions! Just be sure to use a VOLTE-supported phone 😬


Don’t wait any longer! Cut your WiFi and make the switch to a mobile hotspot to start saving more.


In fact, there are way more reasons to LOVE Yoodo! Find out for yourself when you order your Yoodo SIM here and enjoy free delivery.