Experience High-Definition calls with VoLTE & make calls over WiFi with VoWiFi.

What is VoLTE (Voice over LTE)?

VoLTE allows you to make HD calls with an even shorter call setup time over our 4G LTE network. You can now do everything online while you’re on a call.

What is VoWiFi (Voice over WiFi)?

Limited mobile coverage to make phone calls? VoWiFi allows you to make or receive calls on your Yoodo mobile line over a WiFi network!

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HD calls over
4G LTE network
HD calls over 4G LTE network

Experience crystal-clear calls on your 4G data at all times

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Fast call
setup time
Fast call setup time

Enjoy faster call setup connectivity even before the other person can say “Hello”!

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Simultaneous LTE
voice and 4G data

Stream, game, or stay online uninterrupted even during your voice calls.

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HD calls over WiFi

Receive and make crystal clear calls over a WiFi network on your Yoodo mobile line.

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Seamless connectivity

Seamlessly connect in an active call when moving from a limited mobile coverage to a strong WiFi signal.

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How to activate?

Before you start, please ensure your mobile line and device is:

  • On active Voice over LTE (VoLTE) service
  • Supporting Yoodo VoWiFi
  • Equipped with USIM
  • Connected to a strong WiFi signal
  • Updated with the latest software version

*Settings may differ between Android device models

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