Stream, shop, play, repeat with any of our Power Passes!
1 hour of 100GB data @ RM2

Download a game update
Stream as many HD videos as you want
Send 100,000 emails

Need a lot of juice for half a day? We hear you! 12 hours of 100GB data @ RM15

Enjoy 100GB for 12 hours at only RM15 right now.

So what can you do in 12 hours with 100GB?
Here are some ideas.

Video call everyone you know
Finish binging that anime. Even the filler episodes
Play games until you turn pro

Need a bit more than 1 hour but way less than 12 hours?
Say no more.

Shop till you…nah just shop non-stop
Stream 7 seasons of a sitcom back-to-back
Video conference with your buddies and have a social distancing party

How does it work?

Need a lot of data in a short amount of time?

Make sure you have data

You need to have basic data or Booster data in your plan before you can subscribe to a Power Pass.

Purchase a Power Pass!

On your Yoodo App, click on the buy button for Power Pass at the Home Screen. Select 1, 3 or 12 hour Power Pass.


Your Power Pass will be activated immediately. Finished it already? You can get a Power Pass as many times as you want.