Going somewhere? Take us with you!

Who needs a travel SIM when you can bring your Yoodo plan when you’re out overseas. Get full access to your High-Speed Data, Voice and SMS at a flat daily rate (from as low as RM5/day) so you’re literally taking us with you!

Use your existing
Yoodo Plan

Roam Like Home allows you to call, text and go online abroad with the same Yoodo plan* that you have in Malaysia.

*Not applicable for unlimited data plan

Buy in advance!

Just make sure your roaming is turned on when you reach your destination and it will automatically activate as soon as you use your data, make a call or send an SMS!

No extra SIM required

Stop fiddling with travel SIMs! Keep your Yoodo SIM in your phone throughout your journey.

Can’t decide on what’s best for your travel?
We’ve made the comparison for you!

Roam Like Home Rates

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Important Notes
  1. To ensure no bill shock experiences, we block any chargeable activities. If you did not purchase our roaming pass, you will not be able to receive or make calls outside Malaysia.
  2. Please make sure the APN settings in your phone are correct. Refer here for the simple steps to check and change them before before leaving the country.
  3. Please make sure you are connected to our preferred partner in your new location for the best roaming experience. Click here to see our list of partners by country.
  4. Our roaming pass is valid for 24, 72 OR 168 hours upon activation.
  5. To activate the roaming pass, simply turn on data roaming, send an SMS, or make a call.

Roam Like Home is available in 67 countries. Click here to see the list of countries.

It costs only RM5, RM10 or RM20/day to Roam Like Home (depending on the country you’re visiting). Enjoy the freedom to use your domestic Yoodo plan while you’re abroad without worrying about roaming charges!

The Roam Like Home Pass is available for 24, 72 or 168 hours from the time of activation. For example, if you bought and activated a 1-day pass at 3.00PM on 12th December, it will expire at 3.00PM on 13th December.

Yes, you can. A Roam Like Home Zone A 3-day Pass and Roam Like Home Zone B 3-day Pass are two different Passes.

In order to use our roaming service, you need to make sure that your APN settings are correct. If your APN name is already yoodo, you don’t need to change anything. If it isn’t set to Yoodo, click here to find out more.

No, you can’t, sorry! The Unlimited Data is available only for domestic usage. Standard IDD rates and roaming charges apply for overseas usage. But hey, we’ve provided you with 2GB of Roaming Data exactly for this purpose. Just purchase a Roam Like Home pass to use it.

Your free 2GB Roaming Data will follow your Unlimited plan’s Data speed:
3 Mbps or 6 Mbps depending on which one you selected.

International Direct Dial

International Calls & SMS Rates

IDD is categorized under Zone A and Zone B. So you can use the same IDD to call, send an SMS and access data in any country within the same zone.

International Direct Dial

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IDD Zone A

Call and SMS to more than 80 countries. Valid for 365 days from purchase.

Call and SMS to more than 125 countries. Valid for 365 days from purchase.

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