Yoodo giving away FREE 80GB AngPOW? That’s so melamPOW!

Januari 26, 2023

It’s Chinese New Year, the season of angpows, family members questioning your relationship status, and tossing yee sang. But it’s also the season of more data… if you do it with Yoodo, that is!


Here’s why:

What is AngPOW MelamPOW?


For CNY, more data means more ONG… especially if that data is FREE. Better yet, it’s a whole 80GB meant to reward Yoodoers that switched over from their other telco line.

Just download the Yoodo app and order your SIM to get started (psst, you get to keep your number when switching too).


Once you’ve become an official Yoodoer, simply top up your Yoodo wallet with at least RM38 in a single transaction. Take MAJOR note that you have to do this within 8 days of getting the AngPOW MelamPOW notification via email and the Yoodo app.

But that’s it! You’ll get your FREE 80GB pretty much immediately after your reload. This awesome freebie includes 20GB High-Speed data and 20GB EACH in Add-Ons for PUBG Mobile, TikTok and Boost. 


Now you’ll have the crazy gigabytes you need for all-purpose digital fun, games, socials and financials! But you might ask yourself: how does great data make for a greater CNY?


Well, you do you, but we do have some suggestions in mind:

Have a FREE movie marathon with the family


Having a family get-together and looking for something to liven up the downtime? You could easily stream movies on Netflix, YouTube, VIU and more with our 20GB high-speed data.


Want to rewatch classics like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or enjoy a local gem like Kongsi Raya? Well guess ‘huat’, you could easily watch it all with your free data!!

Bond with relatives over hours of gaming


It can be hard to entertain your nephews, nieces, and cousins, especially if they’re young and eager for non-stop entertainment. But never fear, the 20GB PUBG Mobile Add-On is here!


Now everyone will have the data for low-ping matches of PUBG Mobile.

Capture all festive moments through social media


Even if you’re not an avid social media user, it’s nice to share good memories and spread the festive energy around. You can do exactly that with the 20GB TikTok Add-On. 


You can record anywhere between 20 to 40 hours of your family gatherings, angpow giftings, lion dancing and more to upload on TikTok. If any of your relatives love the spotlight, you could even bond by doing TikTok trends for CNY together. 

Make CNY spending effortless with Boost


With our FREE 20GB Boost Add-On from our AngPOW MelamPOW data bundle, you’ll have constant, easy access to Malaysia’s preferred lifestyle e-wallet. 


There’s over 500,000 merchant touchpoints nationwide, so you can easily buy pretty much anything you want! You could, for example, pay for the family dinner banquet so quickly, your family members won’t even have time to argue over the bill. Now that’s true convenience!


Do you have even more creative ways to liven up CNY with 80GB? Well, don’t just imagine it, do it! Make the switch to Yoodo now.