Switch to Yoodo

Switching to Yoodo is easy. Port in your number from your mobile service provider with our Yoodo app.

During Signup, select Keep my number, then sit back and wait for your SIM!

Follow instructions after receiving SIM

Once you’ve received your SIM, follow the instructions to activate it.

Insert your SIM after port-in success SMS

Once you’ve received a port-in success SMS (usually 1-3 days), you can insert your SIM!

Alternatively, activate Yoodo without a physical SIM!

Experience the latest connectivity breakthrough with Yoodo’s eSIM. Activation is much easier and they can be used along with your physical SIM.

Porting Requirements

Porting requirements: Active Account

Active Account

Make sure your account is still active.

Porting requirements: Contract Free

Contract Free

Clear any contract obligations to your current telco provider.

Porting requirements: Payments Settled

Payments Settled

Do ensure all outstanding payments are cleared.

Porting requirements: Main Line Only

Main Line Only

Currently we only port in individual numbers. If you’re part of a principle- supplementary line, you need to decouple your lines first.