How To Avoid Expensive Roaming Charges

December 21, 2022

Going abroad is often a wonderful experience. Sadly, it can also be wonderfully expensive. Roaming plans often cost a premium, but you probably get one anyway to maintain connectivity overseas. Whoever said that talk is cheap?


But talk should be cheap, even when you’re across the ocean. If only there was a way to bring your local mobile plan along, and enjoy all its convenience and cost-effectiveness.


Luckily for you, there is Roam Like Home.

What is Roam Like Home?


Simply put, Yoodo’s Roam Like Home enables you to bring your local plan with you when traveling overseas! 


Available across 72 countries, you can get 1-day, 3-day, 7-day or 15-day roaming passes depending on the duration of your travels. But don’t worry about your passes running out! In just minutes, you can easily renew your pass via the Yoodo App if your holiday-ing is unexpectedly extended.

That’s just the basics. Here’s what makes Roam Like Home truly your best travel companion:

Do It Your Way Abroad!


Customisation is awesome, so why lose it when you travel anywhere? With Roam Like Home, you get to keep your personalised plan with all your chosen features whenever you travel.


If you’ve got, for example, 100 voice minutes on your Yoodo plan, you can use it for calls immediately without wasting time to SIM swap. Have a 20GB YouTube Add-On? Great, you can continue binge-watching your favourite channels the second you step off the plane!

Getting Boosters to top up your mobile plan also works just as easily through the Yoodo App. So what happens when you say hello to Roam Like Home? Well, you can…

…Say goodbye to travel SIMs!


Why fiddle with travel SIMs that are easy to lose, expensive to get, and only used for a short time? Don’t trouble yourself, just get Roam Like Home and act smug toward non-Malaysians that can’t have Yoodo. 😈


It follows you wherever you go to guarantee connectivity, is impossible to lose and is considerate enough to not drill too deeply into your travel budget. Which leads us to the next Roam Like Home perk:

Enjoy crazy affordable FLAT rates!


From as low as RM5 per day, Roam Like Home boasts an unbeatable flat rate. While the flat rate differs depending on which country you’re visiting, the maximum rate is still only RM20 per day. 


The keyword here is FLAT. With no variable charges, you’re never going to suffer from bill shocks while on your sweet vacay.

Activate Roam Like Home instantly!


You can activate and use your local plan through Roam Like Home the very second you step out the airplane. All you have to do is to turn on your smartphone’s Data Roaming and your plan will automatically activate when you use your data, call or SMS.


Easy, ain’t it? Then again, everything is easier when you do it your way. Want to do it better than any telco and Roam Like Home while you travel? Get started with Yoodo now.