ML:BB Add-On now available for only RM1/month!

Get 20GB Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Add-On for only RM1/month* and stand a chance to win FREE in-game Diamonds!

*RRP RM5/month. Introductory price valid until 25 Oct 2020.

How to win?

Step 1

Get 20GB ML:BB Add-On for an introductory price of RM1.

Step 2

5 Lucky winners will walk away with 1,000 in-game Diamonds every week. We will send redemption codes via email, so be on the lookout!

Step 3

Redeem your code here.


  1. What is the 20GB Mobile Legends (MLBB) Add-on for RM1?
    The 20GB Mobile Legends Add-on Promo priced at RM1 is a limited time offer that customers can enjoy throughout the promotion period which ends on 25 October 2020. By paying RM1, Yoodo customers can purchase 20GB of Mobile Legends data and will be eligible to be one of five lucky winners to receive 1,000 Diamonds every week!
  2. How long will this promotion run?
    This promotion will run until 25th October 2020.
  3. Who can enjoy this promotion?
    All Yoodo customers can enjoy this promotion. However, to be eligible for the Diamond giveaway, the Yoodo customer must also purchase the Mobile Legends Data Add-on.
  4. I’m an existing Yoodo customer. How can I enjoy this promotion?
    Click ‘Change Plan’ and then select the 20GB Mobile Legends Add-On. In the event your plan is renewed before the Campaign begins, it will take effect on your next renewal date. Please note you need to have a Base Data Plan first to subscribe to the 20GB Mobile Legends Add-On
  5. I’m yet to be a Yoodo customer. How do I qualify for the promotion?
    All you need to do is:
  • Order a Yoodo SIM via web or app (available on both App Store & Google Play)
  • Once your SIM arrives, activate your plan by choosing any Base Data Plan and add the 20GB Mobile Legends Add-On
  1. I’m a Mobile Number Portability (MNP) customer. Am I eligible to enjoy this promotion?
    After porting your existing number to Yoodo, simply purchase any Base Data Plan and add the 20GB Mobile Legends Add-on.
  2. After subscribing to the 20GB Mobile Legends Add-On, will it affect my main data plan?
    Once your Mobile Legends Add-on gaming quota depletes, it will be deducted from your base plan.
  3. What happens if my current 20GB Mobile Legends Add-On is running low? Can I add another subscription in the same month?
    Yes, you can perform multiple subscriptions in the same month as our plans now can be renewed anytime. For more questions on the ‘Renew Anytime’ feature, please refer here.
  4. How do I redeem the in-game item if I am selected as one of the five lucky weekly winners?
    The Code entitles you to 1,000 Diamonds. The code will be sent to the email address associated with your Yoodo account within 2 weeks after you are selected. The Code is only valid for redemption via the Mobile Legends redemption site. Redeem your code immediately to receive your Diamonds!