Why Yoodo’s Roam Like Home is your best roaming buddy

May 31, 2023

There’s really no place like home, but sometimes you gotta leave. Maybe it’s for a long vacay or a quick business trip. Either way, you don’t wanna stress.


Traveling can be stressful enough with all the planning and expenses involved. The last thing you want is a roaming plan with subpar service, yet eats away at your travel budget.

Here’s good news – Yoodo’s Roam Like Home plan exists, which makes all other international roaming options look bad. Really bad. Here’s why:

Your Yoodo plan travels with you


It can be difficult to find a tourist or travel SIM that perfectly matches your personal preference. These SIMs may not have the right plan to suit your travel needs, or perhaps simply aren’t as user-friendly.

The easiest solution is to just roam internationally with your local plan, and Yoodo’s Roam Like Home lets you do exactly that across 72 countries. Roam with us when you travel to your next international destination like Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia and more!


Your Data, Voice, SMS and Add-Ons all stay the same, so you can relax and enjoy quality connection as you would in Malaysia.

Ran out of data mid way through your trip? You could even boost your plan like usual through the Yoodo App, so topping up on data or anything else takes minutes.

Roam Like Home saves you money

All you need is RM5/day to enjoy roaming with your Yoodo plan. 

But it gets better! Roam Like Home offers 1-day, 3-day, 7-day and 15-day roaming passes depending on the duration of your travels. What’s awesome is you can save even more over time with the longer duration passes.


The 15-day Roam Like Home pass has the best value at only RM60, so you’d be effectively spending only RM4 per day!

This is MUCH more affordable than travel SIMs or other roaming plans, which can sometimes cost over three times as much.

Instant activation when you roam with Yoodo

Want to enjoy roaming with your mobile plan the second you leave the plane? No problemo!


All you need to do is turn on your smartphone’s Data Roaming and voila! Your mobile plan will activate automatically the moment you use any data, voice minutes or SMS.

Do it better and show some love to your local plan even when going international. 

Want to save more on roaming for all your trips with Roam Like Home? Get started with Yoodo today!