Unusual pairings that go well together

October 19, 2020

“Two is better than one” or so the saying goes. Well, we did a little digging recently on unusual pairs that actually go pretty well together, and decided to list a few of our favourite finds here.


Sambal Strawberry Ikan Masin, anyone?

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(Image Credit: Abang Strawberry)

Okay, before you scroll down, at least hear us out. This unique recipe was born after a group of tourists requested for “a special meat recipe that combines both Asian and Western cuisines”.

So the founders decided – yeah, why not? Let’s try adding strawberries in! And so the Sambal Strawberry Ikan Masin was born! It’s made with strawberries and salted fish. It is said to be bursting with spicy, salty, sweet, and sour flavours. We can only wonder how great it’ll taste with Nasi Lemak…

Forget batik Fridays, now you can wear batik masks every day!

batik face mask 036

(Image Source: Jadi Batek)

Like, if we’re gonna have to wear face masks every day, might as well make it #fashionable, right? At least we’ll look good for the ‘Gram with batik face masks! The best part? They come with a pocket for you to slide in an additional carbon filter. So it’s like having protection, but also style.

One Michael Jackson, please!


(Image Credit: Serious Eats)

Not that Michael Jackson. We’re talking about our local favourite: Soya Cincau! It’s so good, they even named a Malaysian tech website after it. This blend of soya bean milk with chewy pieces of grass jelly is well-known and loved across the entire nation (some say Singapore also).

All aboard public transport with sarongs

keretapi sarong 002  full

(Image Source: The Malaysian Insight)

Our traditional sarongs are actually really comfy to wear. And how else would you wanna feel when you’re making you way downtown, walkin’ fast, faces past, and are homebound? Try wearing a traditional sarong the next time you take public transport! If anything, at least you can flaunt Malaysia’s true colours.

What do you think of meow outfit?

image2 770x578

We don’t know who needs to see this, but look! A cat wearing Baju Melayu! Not entirely necessary, but who wouldn’t want to see a cat wearing Baju Melayu!? So handsome lah kan! *Insert heart eyes cat emoji here*

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