Top travel must-packs

November 21, 2019

We’ve all packed (and re-packed) for that one big trip, then arrived and realised we forgot crucial items! We’ve heard of people making it all the way to the airport before realising they forgot their favourite jacket, their wallet, or even their passport and IC!


TFW you forget the rest of your clothes, too.

So our team put our heads together and came up with a list of 25 must-haves for your next trip. You can download the whole list here, or browse through below:

  1. Passport/ID
    Don’t leave home without this one.
  2. Tickets
    Don’t leave…yeah, actually, you CAN’T leave home without these.
  3. Layerable clothing
    Whether you’re travelling to a glorious island paradise or winter wonderland, aim for light, washable garments. It’s easier to adjust to your temperature by playing with layers, rather than swing between ‘human soup in a coat’ and ‘human ais potong without’.
  4. Good waterproof and windproof sweater
    What’s worse than being cold? Being cold and wet.
  5. Comfortable shoes
    You’ve only got two feet. Treat ‘em right.
  6. Comfortable socks
    Keep your toes nice and comfy in your shoes, and/or nice and warm out of them.
  7. Hat
    Broad-brimmed for sun, insulated for cold.
  8. Sun protection
    Yes, you can get sunburns in winter, too. Slap on the sunscreen.
  9. Travel adaptor
    Plug voltages may differ from country to country. Don’t kill your devices with an innocent flick of a switch!
  10. Phone charger
    Presented without comment.
  11. Powerbank and cables
    Also presented without comment. Just remember to have your charger cable AND phone cable on hand.
  12. Money
    Stay in budget, but also make sure you HAVE a budget – converted to foreign currency, if you need it. No begpacking, please. 
  13. Water bottle
    Stay hydrated, people. Just…don’t be like one of our writers who had her eco-friendly, insulated and very large steel bottle mistaken for a bomb at immigration.
  14. Shawl/scarf
    Versatile, warm AND stylish.
  15. Travel pillow
    Science tells us sleep is important. We’re telling you to make sure you get some comfortable ZZZs even while you’re on the way.
  16. Eye mask
    In case you need a little comforting darkness.
  17. Compression socks/tights for long flights
    Blood clots and DVT are no joke! These help keep the blood moving properly in your legs.
  18. Earplugs
    For when you need undisturbed sleep, or end up sitting next to the screaming child, the metalhead indulging without earphones, or the movie buff who argues with the screen. Or worse: ALL of them are there.
  19. Music and movies
    Because why should the metalhead have all the fun?
  20. Disinfecting wet wipes
    Don’t take any chances.
  21. Flip flops
    For happy wiggly feety time.
  22. Vitamin C
    Just in case your travel destination decides to give you souvenir sniffles.
  23. Lip balm
    Tinted or not, a coat or two will keep your lips free from cracks and splits that will leave you howling every time you try to indulge in the local cuisine.
  24. Sunglasses
    Remain stylo AND protect your eyes from the glare of the sun, the sea, or even paparazzi flashes.
  25. Roam Like Home/ Roam Like Home Plus Pass
    So you can use your Yoodo plan wherever you go, for a low daily rate–now 50% lower until 31 Jan 2020! Roam Like Home Passes will be just RM5 a day (NP RM10) and Roam Like Home Plus passes will be RM10 a day (NP RM20).

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Happy travelling, and remember to download our checklist for your next trip!