Top 10 Netflix hacks

September 24, 2019

Snacks? Check. Comfy viewing attire? Check. Chill? Perhaps also check. But what’s a good show without some extras? We’ve gathered these tips from long-time viewers (and tested some ourselves, ahem) to level up your next Netflix binge:

  • Don’t let that weekend of cartoon nostalgia affect all your suggestions when you really just want more slasher flicks. Set different profiles (e.g. ‘date night’, ‘bad movies’, ‘k-drama binge’) to keep your watching habits nice and organised!
giphy 1
  • Got a very specific itch you want scratched? Looking for a movie with all of your favourite things? Get EXACTLY what you want with category codes. Find them online to browse on your desktop or run a search on your app, then scroll to the bottom of the page for more related categories.
  • Sort your selections. On any category page on desktop, look for a small box with four dots. This expands the Suggestions for You menu and provides more detailed sorting options.
  • For all you desktop dabblers: here are some useful keyboard shortcuts. Press F/Esc for fullscreen/non-fullscreen, spacebar or enter for pause/play, Shift + right/left arrows to fast-forward or rewind; M to mute, and up/down arrows to adjust the volume.
giphy 2
  • Want to save your data for your fancy chill sessions instead of your “background noise” streams? On desktop, go to Account >> My Profile >> Playback settings and tweak your video quality. On your mobile device, you can adjust both video quality and how much data your device uses by going to More > App Settings > Video Quality and More > App Settings > Cellular Data Usage.
  • Squinting to read the subs? Or just don’t want them there at all? Head to Your Account >> Your Profile >> Subtitle appearance and customise to your heart’s content.
  • Stream like a boss! Get the highest of HQ streams on desktop with Safari, IE (1080p) or Edge (4k). Chrome, Firefox and Opera go up to 720p.
  • Your fave movies and series can bring your friends together, even when you’re kilometres apart. Get the Netflix Party Chrome extension or Kast to host and join streaming parties.
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  • Beta-test new Netflix features before they go live for everyone else. Go to Account >> Settings >> Test participation to toggle it on, and you too can enjoy new changes before your kakis. Unless your kakis are all beta testers, but at least you have something new to talk about.

Now that you’re all set, you can grab our 20GB Netflix add-on for just RM10/month! Stream all your favourites, find new things to explore, or just stuff your brain with cartoons – whatever you choose to do it is how you do it better!