Things that give you #thatdeepavalifeeling

Oktober 26, 2019

While everyone else is praying (or cursing) the next public holiday, we see you vibrating with excitement because HECK YES, now it’s your turn to party! We asked our writer’s team what gives them Deepavali vibes, and this is what they told us:

Colour coordinating with your siblings and family

Aiyo, mum told you already it’s purple this year. Why are you wearing blue???


Seeing jippa styles follow movie fashions

If it’s good enough for Rajinikanth, it’s good enough for your Raj-mama.

giphy 1

Deepavali eve preparations

The last minute shopping, chopping, decorating, and midnight prayers…and THEN the partying starts!

giphy 2

Smelling mutton curry first thing when you wake up

Best wake-up call in the world.

giphy 3

The oil baths 

And then you get to see your little siblings and cousins get massaged like lil balls of dough.

giphy 4

Everyone ending up at grandma/grandpa’s house

If it’s not your grandparents, it’ll be your oldest living relative’s house.

giphy 5

Those local Deepavali variety shows

You turn them on for fun. Or background noise. Or possibly both. Either way, it adds that festive background noise to the celebration.

giphy 6

Eating curry for 3 meals a day

Calories? What are those?

giphy 7

All the plates

New plates. Old plates. Secret event-only plates. You suggested paper plates that one time and Mum got seriously offended. Nobody’s serving the family varuval on paper plates. What’s wrong with you?!

giphy 8

Buying kilos and kilos of ice 

Eventually the cashier recognises you on sight…and has to chase you away because you’ve bought all their ice.

giphy 9

Eating snacks until they come out of your ears 

Not all of them are ~muruku! See our 2018 Deepavali video for an explanation.

giphy 10

Those all-day guests

They show up in the morning for breakfast and don’t leave until after dinner. Don’t they have anyone else to visit?

giphy 11

Your own traditions with your friends and family, your way

Whether it’s KFC before the guests show up, your mother’s thosai, or grandpa telling the same old stories every year – it’s uniquely yours!

giphy 12

And if all that still hasn’t got you in the mood, check out our 2019 Deepavali video online!