Say wassup to Whatsapp’s upcoming UI makeover!

November 8, 2023

Whatsapp is getting a brand new look to make it feel more hip and trendy! It’s currently still in the beta stage, so the final version may be a little different, but the latest update shows not only visual improvements, but also functional upgrades.


Here’s what we know so far:

The app’s top bar now has a modern look!


The current version of the new UI showcases a colorless top bar on the Whatsapp home screen and chat rooms. This may not be a fancy change, but it IS the standard for modern apps since dark-mode became popular. 

If the top bar is too colourful, it would visually clash with dark-mode’s more reserved background. But even without this consideration, the visual update still makes the app interface look more modern and sleek!

More dark-mode updates!


Whatsapp’s dark mode also has some other visual tweaks, such as the bottom bar. It’s now a slightly lighter gray compared to the rest of the UI, so there’s better visual contrast between the conversation menu and the chat list. 

There’s also a bit of a redesign on the floating action button, and the chat bubbles in dark mode are tweaked a little too!

These changes are Android-focused


Of course, the iPhone WILL get their share of love, but for now these tweaks are meant for Androids users. It’s very likely that the iPhone version of the Whatsapp UI update will be visually different than the Android one. After all, they are different systems, and the current changes may not be as suitable for iOS.

New update to new Channels feature!


Whatsapp’s Channels is brand new, but it’s already looking to get an upgrade as part of the UI update. Its main purpose is to allow people to send mass messages easily. In other words, one-to-many communication.


Currently, Channels only allows you to broadcast messages, but soon users can also respond to other people’s broadcasted messages directly. This new Channels feature basically gives a broadcast message its own comments section. For brands, celebrities and large chat groups, this basically means more engagement!

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