No. 3 will traumatise you! Mobile gaming moments we’ve all experienced

June 30, 2022

A wise man once said, “It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning’s winning.” That wise man is of course Vin Diesel, from the first Fast and Furious movie (remember when those movies were about racing and not going to space?).


But to those of us who always come close to clutching glory and not being able to seize it, it gets to us. Win or lose, gaming moments both good and bad cuts deep into our psyche.

giphy 3

Fast, furious and wise.

1. Getting knocked out by a melee weapon

You’ve just emerged from a life-or-death shootout. Finally the last opponent pinning you down is gone. You’re the last player standing! You stride out into the light of day, letting your guard down as you reload…and then someone whacks you with a frying pan. No chicken dinner for you today, buddy.

giphy 1 1

Pretty sure my mom taught them this technique. 

Now not only do you have to live with that moment for the rest of your life, you will forever be reminded of it by your squad. Shut up Amir!

2. When nobody’s guarding Point B

Think about that time when you were playing Domination in CODM. Your team has taken over point B. You tell Amir to stick around and defend point B as you are going to advance and take over point A. Amir agrees. So you take over point A. And guess what, as soon as you do, you get notified that point B has been captured. You turn around to see Amir was behind you the whole time. Clock runs out. 


Your team loses but Amir is still in your life. So you sit there, doing the breathing exercises that you were told could calm you down.

giphy 2 1

Because punching people in the face is illegal.

3. Playing hide-and-seek with the sniper

The hardest thing to get over is when you build a personal vendetta with a sniper on the opposing squad. Every time you respawn, they shoot you down. EVERY TIME! So you make it a point to catch them. You don’t care about the other players. You stopped caring about winning or losing. You just want them to know your pain. So you make it a mission to hunt them down. Like Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow, you make tweaks after every death. You live, you learn, you die. Finally, after 7 minutes of intense battling, you found their camping spot. You have them in your crosshairs. You pull the trigger. Death. Your phone dies. You forgot to charge last night. You silly sausage. 

This is the kind of shame that you’d actually talk about with your therapist.

giphy 3 1

Let it all out. 

4. Thanks but no tanks

You tell your team how the next round is going to be. Joe, your tank is too busy ordering another glass of teh o ais. When you asked him if he heard you, he nods. Game starts, everyone is going up top lane, just like we planned. Everyone except for Joe. The only one who went mid. He went mid with a glass of teh o ais. There were no survivors.

giphy 4

Thank you Joe. 

5. When a game feature destroys your confidence

There are many ways to get embarrassed in the games that we all love. You can actually get killed by a dog. A dog. Thank you CODM for introducing this feature. The worst part is your whole squad saw the whole thing. They laugh and bring it up every chance they get. You laugh, covering your tears in the process. You call in sick the next day.

giphy 5

Live, laugh, cry. 

6. When your back hurts…in a good way

But gaming moments are not all bad. Your friends will always remember you for winning a round. They’ll admit that without you, they wouldn’t have won. You being the humble creature that you are, you tell them that your back hurts. From carrying the team. You beam with pride, you order another plate of roti canai and consider retiring from the game on a high note.

giphy 6

Yes, it hurts right there. 

But that’s the beauty of gaming. The more you play, the more moments of glory you can attain. With Yoodo, you can game as much as you like with a dedicated data bucket. Get RM1 20GB Gaming Add-Ons today for all your favourite mobile games. Remember, bad gameplay makes for great stories at the mamak later on!