Fast and friendly Christmas gifts

Disember 16, 2019

Christmas is coming and with any luck, so are the presents. You…did remember to get your friends their Christmas presents, right?


Er, the mall is in the other direction, buddy.

If you’re looking for a little bit of last-minute help, we have some last-minute gift suggestions – with a local twist, of course.

The esports fan

giphy 1

So you know a gamer with lightning reflexes, a strategic mind and a passion for play…or someone who enjoys watching them compete. Consider getting them gaming accessories, or merchandise for their favourite team. You could even spot them some credit for their favourite game via SEAGM. If you strike it lucky, you might also win one of 2 Razer Kraken Tournament edition headphones for yourself!

kraken headphone 02 1

The music/movie maniac

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SEAGM also sells streaming gift cards, so if you’d rather let your media lover pick their own faves on your tab, the option is there for the taking. You might also want to get them some nice posters, music/soundtrack albums, tickets (say, a pair of IU’s Love Poem tickets…) or that evergreen customised gift: a mixtape/playlist you made just for them.

The tech head

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You can never have too many powerbanks, we say. Solid banks, cables, chargers or other pocket devices will likely go down a treat with your gadget-loving geek. And as a Yoodo user, you can get them all online with Lazada AND enjoy extra cashbacks via Shopback!

yoodoxshopback thumbnail

You save their battery AND your wallet. How’s that for a good deal?

The world traveller

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You’ll want to give these friends gifts that can go wherever they can. We recommend bag organisers, travel pillows/blankets/socks to bump up the comfort levels on the way to their next big adventure…

photo 1513885332241 c2799e2e7609

Mmm, comfy. Photo by on Unsplash.

…or even a fancy new Mossery notebook for travel journaling. 

NBP PortraitSeries 1024x1024

The kaki bola

giphy 5

Score a goal in your favourite footy fan’s heart with new gear, jerseys or anything that lets them show off their team allegiance with pride. And for match nights, break out the healthy snack options from Amazin Graze, who make nut and granola mixes in classic and locally-inspired flavours.

nut varietybox small

Go nuts, everyone!

And when you’ve run out of time, there’s one last option for all you desperate yet tasteful individuals out there…a Yoodo SIM card!

mobile app

This is a gift that says: I respect you enough to make your own choices with a wonderful customisable mobile plan, plus there’s a RM5 Boost Cashback bundled inside! Not bad for a card you can get delivered starting from the low, low price of absolutely nothing.

So whatever you end up choosing, have a Merry Christmas in 2019! We know you do it better.