Concerts in Malaysia you CANNOT miss throughout the rest of 2023

June 28, 2023

March was a freaking awesome month for both Blinks and Malaysian concert-goers. Screaming ‘Blackpink is Your Area’ wasn’t just fun, it was literally true!


But while that concert’s over for us, the fun ain’t done yet for 2023! There’s plenty of other concerts us Malaysians can look forward to in the coming months, starring world-class artists you can’t help but stan.

Here’s 4 of our top picks you should definitely book tickets for – assuming they haven’t sold out already!

Fujii Kaze and the piano


Get ready for a serenade in KL this 9 July 2023, Fuji Kaze is coming! Pianists and piano fans are almost guaranteed to know of this Japanese piano prodigy.

He’s come a very long way since he began uploading covers on YouTube at 12 years old. Now, with his own catchy numbers, relatable lyrics and charming personality have made him a rising star in Japan and beyond.

The awesome part is that his concert will be held at Zepp KL, which is well-known for its awesome acoustics. The quality of music is going to sound extra mantap!

MUSE Will of the People


Set to take place at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Resort on 29 July 2023, we’re super excited to see MUSE engage us with songs from their latest album, such as ‘Compliance’, ‘Euphoria’ and of course, ‘Will of the People’.

But it’s definitely the will of the people to ALSO see ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ and other timeless MUSE hits performed live!


Even if you’re not a big MUSE fan, do check their concert out if you can. This English rock band has remained a standard of great music for almost 3 decades, ya know. Who knows, you might just become a Muser overnight!

Lauv: the between albums


Clear your schedule this 7 September 2023 – this is gonna make your eyes and ears fall in Lauv

Even if you don’t know this American singer-songwriter, you’re almost guaranteed to know the massive hit that skyrocketed him to fame, ‘I Like Me Better’. 

Wanna hear amazing hits like that performed LIVE? If you screamed YES, get your tickets ready for the concert at Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre!

Coldplay: Music of the Spheres


This world class British rock band is set for its FIRST EVER Malaysian concert this 22 November 2023!

Hype for this concert is so crazy that tickets sold out in THREE HOURS after it went live. There’s even a petition going on practically begging Coldplay to have a second Malaysian concert to appease the fanbase.


If you couldn’t get a ticket, not all is lost! You may not be able to get INSIDE National Stadium Bukit Jalil, but nothing’s stopping you from listening to the concert outside!

Wanna improve your concert experience? Here’s what Yoodo:


Just in case you’re new to concerts, here are some quick tips to make your experience both more fun and convenient:

Definitely bring a portable fan. It can fit easily in most handbags and will help keep you cool. After all, concerts are often super packed with people, which means you’re gonna get hot and sweaty VERY quickly.


Having some physical cash with you is also a great idea. Most people go cashless and rely on QR pay, but connection can get real bad at concerts sometimes. You don’t want to accidentally be unable to pay for stuff!

Make sure your shoes are comfy too! You’re going to be standing for hours, after all. Your feet may also get stepped on accidentally if everyone’s jumping and screaming, so don’t wear anything that reveals your toes.


Consider coming to the concert venue early OR parking further away. You don’t want to be stuck in traffic or in the parking lot and ruining your mood!

But If you plan to record the concert and make your friends jealous, then get a Yoodo 5G SIM. The 10x faster data speed means you can upload stuff to a cloud service faster, which opens up more data for you to keep recording! Live recordings will also be much smoother and less choppy!


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