Welcome to the next generation of connectivity!
Experience ultra-fast, seamless and more efficient connection today.
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Faster speed

Stream, play and do more with up to 10x faster speed
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network capacity

Bigger network capacity

Connect more devices without slowing down network efficiency
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Reduced latency

Real-time response for a seamless streaming experience


Activate your FREE 5G trial* now!

(No new SIM is required for existing Yoodo users)
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Step 1

Choose your High-speed data, starting from 10GB

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Step 2

Select “5G Trial Pass”

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Step 3

Complete payment and
you’re set!

Complete payment and you’re set!

Download the Yoodo app & activate 5G now!

That’s right - ordering a SIM is not required!


5G is the 5th generation of mobile networks. With this technology, you can expect a better online experience using your mobile Internet with 5G connectivity.

  • Faster speeds so that downloading and uploading large content or data will take a much shorter time
  • 1,000x more connections than previous 4G connectivity so you can connect to more devices without compromising on the speed
  • 5x quicker response time so sending and receiving information is now more efficient
  • 5x more energy efficient compared to earlier generations

You can get the free trial for 5G services and widest 4G coverage when you are out of 5G’s current limited range.

5G free trial are now available until further notice.

To access 5G services from Yoodo you need to:

  • subscribe to any high-speed data plan from 10GB to 200GB
    ValidityHigh-Speed Data
    Internet QuotaPrice
    30 Days10 GBRM 18
    30 Days20 GBRM 20
    30 Days30 GBRM 35
    30 Days40 GBRM 40
    30 Days60 GBRM 58
    30 Days80 GBRM 68
    30 Days100 GBRM 78
    30 Days150 GBRM 88
    30 Days200 GBRM 98
  • subscribe to 5G pass ** Free trial until further notice **
  • use a 5G-compatible device
  • use your device within the 5G coverage sites

 ** Unlimited base plan will not be applicable for 5G services**

All current active Yoodo users are eligible to enjoy this promotion’s offerings.

Yes. 5G is now available for iOS devices.

** Please make sure your iPhone is an iPhone 12 or later and updated to iOS 16.4.**

Yes, the current eSIM supports 5G services.

You can enjoy 5G services with your existing SIM card.

If the 5G icon doesn’t appear automatically, you can set your phone manually to receive 5G coverage. First, make sure that you are within a 5G coverage area so you can have instant access to 5G. Then, follow the steps below:
Setting > Connection > Mobile Networks > Network Mode > Select 5G/LTE/3G/2G (Auto Connect)