Best telco plan for your kids and WHY

December 7, 2022

If you’re a parent, perhaps you’re thinking of giving your kids a smartphone or tablet too. That way, your kids could socialise and maintain friendships better, while you have peace of mind knowing he or she is simply a call away.


But to quote Uncle Ben, with great power comes great responsibility. Kids with smartphones could end up naughtier than nice, especially when games, chatting and cool videos are all at their fingertips.


An effective telco plan could easily help you manage this potential disaster, and none do it better than Yoodo. Here’s why a Yoodo plan would be a win-win for both you and your kids:

Manage your kids’ lines on ONE Yoodo plan!


Getting your kids a smartphone each can be painful enough of an investment (bank balance R.I.P). There’s no need to add on the pain by getting them another mobile plan too.

Enter Yoodo, the friendly neighourhood telco that allows you to manage up to 5 lines on a single Yoodo plan.

With your kid’s line on your Yoodo plan, monitoring your kids’ data usage will be so much simpler! Your Yoodo App has a usage bar to monitor and manage mobile plan activity across all 5 lines easily, meaning your kids won’t ever give YOU bill shocks.

Customise to your heart’s kid’s desire!


Want to distract your kids for long hours while you catch up with work, sleep or your own inner-child? Grab some Yoodo Add-Ons for the little ones, it’ll work wonders. Kids tend to have hyper-specific tendencies when using smartphones, so having dedicated data buckets is great for when the little ones go all-in on their gaming, video streaming or socials.

You could also get your kids Gaming Add-Ons for the most popular games on mobile, such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Call of Duty Mobile. This comes with the added bonus of bonding with your kids during shared playtime, without worrying about sudden lag spikes or crazy high ping thanks to the high-speed data.


No matter what your kids love, Yoodo certainly has something to Add-On.

The best coverage on the best network!


Yoodo runs on the Celcom network. All Yoodo plans use Malaysia’s widest 4G LTE network for unmatched connectivity. With such wide network coverage, your kids can be reachable literally anywhere in the country.

Need to contact your kids during emergencies? No problem! Calls between you and your kids will be in super high quality too, with no odd static or sudden drops in connection!


Now your kids can hear you nag no matter where they are, but hey, you’ll always know if they’re safe and sound.

No crazy commitments necessary!


Other telcos may force you to commit to their best postpaid plans with contracts, but Yoodo’s plans are super flexible, customisable and affordable! This makes Yoodo the perfect choice for when your kid is old enough to have their own mobile plan.

Change your plan anytime!


Is your kid spending too much time on their smartphone? Cut down their data with a few taps on your own device *evil laugh*.


On the other hand, you can easily reward your kid with more data, voice, SMS or Add-Ons if they have done all their homework!

Thanks to the best customisation options, there really is no better plan for your kids than Yoodo. So what are you waiting for? Get your kids a Yoodo line now!