8 great Malaysian pairs

March 29, 2021

There’s only one way we could love all our faves more…and that’s turning them into a perfect combo deal!


With that in mind, let’s hear it for some iconic local pairs we love:

Pineapple tarts and any Malaysian celebration

giphy 1

Chinese New Year? Pineapple tarts. Hari Raya? Pineapple tarts. Deepavali? Pineapple tarts. And somehow we’re never tired of these flaky-chewy-sweet delights, whether in roll, flat or fancy shaped versions. 

“Sep” and “Bom”

giphy 2

Connecting generations and as common as your left and right hand, the moment recess begins and the hand-clapping games start, it’s this duo’s time to shine.

There have been others, and there have been newer players, but we can’t help but honour the classics.

White rice and fried egg

giphy 3

It’s the comfort food of bachelors, students and night owls across the nation. There’s just something satisfying about a perfectly fried egg on top of steaming white rice, whether “perfect” for you means a runny yolk, crispy edges, or a perfect shape. Maybe add a little kicap, some veg on the side, perhaps a fried fish if you can snag one. But there’s not much you can do to improve on perfection.

Hang Tuah and Taming Sari

The legendary Hang Tuah and his equally legendary keris served the kingdom of Melaka for years together before…well…history happened.

giphy 4

But this iconic pair from the past are still remembered today: the epitome of loyalty to king and country, and his most trusty sidekick (next to the rest of the gang, who we still love)

Sambal and belacan

Spicy. Pungent. Absolutely delicious. Malaysian cooking would be sadder and blander without these two to add heat and flavour to anything you choose: vegetables, meats, sandwiches, ice cream…the sky’s the limit.

giphy 5

Don’t make that face, you know you love it

Sarong and slippers

giphy 6

Comfy, local and non-pretentious, the sarong and slippers do not judge. Nobody is too atas for their easy-on, easy-off style. Feel free to shuffle through your neighbourhood in the lowest-effort, highest-comfort way (with your mask on, of course, these are #NewNormal times)

Malaysians and badminton

210304 lee zii jia bwf1

Image source: Malay Mail

No matter your kampung, your mother tongue, or your favourite type of laksa…if a Malaysian is playing badminton, we WILL show up to cheer for them! And with Lee Zii Jia being recently crowned Men’s Singles Champion at the All England Open, we couldn’t be prouder if we’d swung the racket ourselves.

Whether your fave is a Sidek brother, Lee Chong Wei or Zii Jia, any national badminton player can count on support from their fellow Malaysians. That’s just how we roll.

giphy 7

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