6 very Malaysian ways to celebrate Valentine’s

Februari 10, 2020

Love is in the air…if you’re prepared. But not to worry! We asked our fans what they think would be the most Malaysian way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and the best answers are here for all to see.

(Note that we said Malaysian, not romantic, but you never know what your sweetie might like, right?)

Makan date

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Quite a few of you responded with dinner date suggestions! If the shortest way to a man’s heart is through the stomach, Malaysians have a no-toll no-speed-limit expressway connecting both.


No budget for a six-course dinner seasoned with angel tears? Share some rojak, cendol, your favourite char koay teow, or a scoop of gelato in local flavours. And really, what says ‘I care for you and want you around for the long-term’ like ‘I’m introducing you to my favourite gerai’? You might even try the Ultimate Test of Your Relationship: a durian buffet. Just don’t do this if you know your partner doesn’t recognise the King of Fruits…

Bouquets (and not just flowers)

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They don’t all have to be red roses. It’s 2020 – feel free to get creative! Make a statement with big, showy blooms like orchids, torch ginger, cannas, or bird-of-paradise flowers. Give them a rainbow of gerberas. Anything goes!

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If you’re a more practical sort, there are also other bouquets you can arrange: fried chicken, chocolate, strawberries, fruit, and even cold, hard cash.

Layan movies


A good cinema outing will never let you down, and you don’t have to feel obligated to pick a romantic movie (though if you like a nice sappy rom-com, we say: live your best life). Don’t forget the cafe/kopitiam/mamak session afterwards to dissect the show together!

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If nothing in the cinema interests you, you can always plan a nice night in with snacks, some comfy chairs, cushions and blankets, and the very best of Netflix and iflix – streamable even in HD with our free Netflix add-ons and iFlix packages.

Cafe date


Whether you’re into vibrant, colourful joints or the most obscure hideaways, a cafe date is always a great opportunity to catch up and spend some couple time together. You don’t even have to wait for lunch or dinner – a good cafe is there to welcome you at any time in between.

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And of course, what’s a cafe date without a little flexing on IG stories? 😉 Go ahead and flaunt that stylo coffee, interesting sandwich or very cute wefie. We’ll be sending you (100) emojis any way you choose. Speaking of which…

Wish them on Instagram


Display a fleeting token of romance on your Insta story or dedicate a whole 3×3 grid to that special guy/gal. Either way you save on paper and postage, and get to shout out to the entire world that this is your person, and you’re over the moon to be with them.

(Also if you are the kind of person to do the 3×3 grid…one of our writers is single and would like to follow your IG account? Just to get to know you? ?)

But what’s really important to remember about Valentine’s Day is that it’s not about the chocolates or the flowers (although they’re still nice) – it’s about showing that special person you care, in the ways they will most appreciate. How will you be celebrating the first V-Day of the decade?