6 streamable Made in Malaysia hits

September 24, 2019

September is Malaysia’s birthday month, so what better way to celebrate than bingeing all the local content you can get your mitts on?


We did say…ALL.

We’ve picked out 6 of our favourites (one for every decade plus one extra) so everyone can get their fix, whether you’re up for a podcast snack or a full on movie chowdown!

Buah Mulut

article1 1 buahmulut

Run by creative couple Anwar Hadi (writer, actor and editor) and Takahara Suiko (experimental musician and Venopian Solitude frontwoman), catch these two ‘bestfriends’ chatting about current events and other interesting topics from movies and marine biology to work and weddings. (Apple | | Soundcloud | Spotify)

Macha Men

article1 2 machamen

Whether you’re tired of debunking yet another message from your family Whatsapp group, entertained by conspiracies or simply wanting to believe, you’ll love this irreverent monthly podcast. Local stand-up comics Kavin Jay and Keren Bala Devan get to talking about everyone’s favourite conspiracy theories, cryptids, Malaysian badasses and other off-the-wall topics. (Apple | Podbean | Spotify)

Everybody Calm Down

article1 3 everybodycalmdown

Speaking of irreverent, Kavin Jay has his own Netflix special that you can stream right now. Just maybe not if you’re around small children, or very conservative and easily flustered friends. Kavin’s first special talks about fatness, growing up as an 80s kid, and some very special VHS tapes. Stream it for laughs on Netflix here. 

Jason’s Market Trails

article1 4 jasonsmarkettrails

We’re all still campaigning Netflix to recognise our street food after being passed over in favour of Singapore (booooo), but in the meantime there is a show that might soothe the cranky beast within.

Wander with your host Jason Yeoh as he samples old-school slow food and introduces viewers to local markets and the communities around them. You can stream the whole season on Netflix here.

One Two Jaga

article1 5 onetwojaga

If you like your entertainment on the heavy side, this grim masterpiece from Nam Ron is a must for all fans of action and crime drama. An idealistic cop insists on fighting corruption, but the price he will pay is heavy indeed. Stream One Two Jaga on Netflix here.


article1 6 bunohan

It’s the second most awarded film at the Malaysia Film Festival after Layar Lara, a 2011 NETPAC award winner, and was even Malaysia’s official entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2013 Oscars. While it didn’t quite make the cut for the last one, Bunohan still has a special place in the heart of local film buffs.

…Oh, right, what’s it about. The film follows Adil, a struggling kickboxer, who agrees to an illegal death match to pay his debts. His best friend breaks the fight up and hauls him back to the town of Bunohan, where Adil was born and raised. Family drama and mayhem ensue, along with some moody and breathtaking cinematography. Stream Bunohan on Netflix here.

So now you know where to get your dose of local laughs, delicacies and dramas, go on and celebrate freedom and Malaysia’s 62nd National Day with a 62GB Data Booster for RM38! You can also win new prizes every week, including new smartphones. Find out more about our I Love Freedom campaign on our website!

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