5 Things To Know When Buying A Pre-Loved Smart Device

Disember 19, 2023

Getting a new smartphone can be expensive. VERY expensive. While we’d all love to own the brand-new tech, there’s plenty of pre-loved — a.k.a. second-hand – models that are perfectly functional.


These are just two among MANY other pre-loved smart devices at CompAsia, all at great deals! But if you’re still reluctant to buy a preloved smart device, then look at THIS:


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Why Pre-Loved Smart Devices Are GREAT!


The BIGGEST reason is that pre-loved smart devices often cost A LOT less. But being affordable doesn’t mean they’re of low  quality. As long as you’re buying from a trusted source, second-hand devices can often be in almost perfect condition! So if your goal is to save money while still getting connectivity, choosing second-hand will come in handy!

Pre-loved smartphones also depreciate LESS than brand new models. So if you ever decide to sell it in the future to replace it, you’re not gonna lose as much cash. And that’s always a good thing!


Finally, there’s a HUGE variety of used devices you can choose from. Pre-loved devices come in all shapes, sizes and specs! It’s not difficult to find a high-end smartphone model while still staying within budget. Now that’s a win-win!

But if you’re already convinced on getting a pre-loved smart device, here are several thing you MUST DO when confirming your purchase:

Double-check The Specs!


Ever checked a smart phone’s specifications and realised it doesn’t match the model? Sellers sometimes put the wrong label on their second-hand product… and uncertified sellers might do it on purpose!

So ALWAYS compare a smart device’s model and specs to the details listed on the manufacturer’s official website. But to minimise buyer’s stress, try CompAsia! It’s a VERY trusted second-hand smart device seller, and it even does a 32-step quality check before any of their products get listed!

Make sure there’s a VALID warranty!


Many second-hand smart devices DON’T have a valid warranty. You don’t want to waste your cash on a faulty device, so having a warranty at least acts as an extra safeguard.

But here’s good news: ALL of CompAsia’s second-hand smart devices come with at least a 1-month warranty. If that’s too short, you could always spend a little extra to extend that warranty by up to 12-months!

Don’t forget the accessories!


Having accessories included in the purchase of a second-hand smart device is SO much more convenient! It also saves you some extra cash. So if you’re looking for a pre-loved device online, scan the listing page and see if it comes with a charger, cable or other items.

Make sure you know EVERYTHING you’re buying, so you’re not shocked if some accessory is not included. For CompAsia, the charger and cables are provided, but other accessories such as cases and headphones are NOT, so keep that in mind!

Track your delivery!


An online transaction of second-hand smart devices will be MUCH smoother if you track it yourself! It’s always a plus if you have a tracking number to see which stage of the delivery your purchase is at.

That way, if you’re unfortunate enough to encounter any issues, you can very quickly solve them. CompAsia issues a tracking number directly to your registered email once your pre-loved smart device order is confirmed. Don’t ignore it, use it!

Check the Return Policy!


Always do this BEFORE confirming your purchase! You don’t want to be stuck with a pre-loved smart device and waste money. This is why it’s best if you don’t buy used smart devices through a private seller; such products never have a return policy.

With CompAsia, you can return your pre-loved smart device IF you received the wrong model, OR if your device was damaged upon arrival, excluding any cosmetic issues that were clearly stated beforehand.

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