4 reasons why you need the 5G experience

April 28, 2023

You might be satisfied with 4G, but why go slower when you can multiply your data efficiency by hundreds of times, if not even more?

5G is so fast, it makes 4G feel like dialed-up internet.

Trust us – once you go 5G, it’s deffo GG for 4G. Here’s why it should be part of your future too.

5G speeds will save you time


At an average real-world download speed of 100 Mbps, 4G is 20 times faster than the super-old 3G. Even its theoretical fastest download speed is 150 Mbps.

Yet at a potential 10Gbps – yes, it’s GIGABYTES, not megabytes – 5G speeds mean that files, movies, and games that took minutes to download now take seconds.

That means much less time waiting, and more time gaming, working, or doing whatever the heck you want.

Let’s face it. You have better things to do than wait for data to transfer. 5G lets people and businesses save on both time and cost. But speaking of businesses…

5G will cut down data traffic jams


How many times has your online connectivity gone kaput while you tried to get work done? Probably a few times too many, especially if everyone else around you is connecting at the same time.

Simply going somewhere else with fewer people is usually not practical. But with a 5G mobile broadband, you could connect an insane 1 MILLION devices for every square kilometer of space.

That’s 10 times higher than the best 4G can do. If you’re living in a high-density area, data traffic will definitely be a constant issue. You ain’t gonna be bothered by it if you upgrade to 5G.

Low latency equals low frustration


Using games as an example, latency is the time it takes between you tapping the smartphone screen and your in-game character activating their skill. 

The less delay between the two actions, the lower your latency is. Low latency is awesome, but 4G isn’t reliable enough to ensure you’re regularly enjoying it.

5G is not only more reliable, its latency is far, far lower. You could send a file at work that takes 50 seconds to fully transfer using 4G. But with 5G the same task takes 1 millisecond.

If that doesn’t greatly improve your workflow, not much else will.

5G fast tracks emerging technologies


5G isn’t all about speed and efficiency. It will eventually allow us to have new experiences that were completely impossible before.

Need remote surgery, or want to sit back and relax while an autonomous car drives you around safely? Yep, 5G makes that an actionable reality.

Yoodo can’t offer you remote surgery, but we CAN offer you an amazing 5G experience. It takes only 2 mins for you to order a Yoodo 5G SIM.

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