4 reasons to switch to Yoodo’s Unlimited plan

Mac 20, 2023

Streaming, gaming, chatting, and online searching can be SUPER fun. We can’t get enough of it, so much so that many of us run out of data way before the month ends.

If you love using data like most Malaysians do, you might find mobile plans with data limits too restrictive. Thank goodness for Unlimited plans!

Yet no Unlimited plan is created equal. Sure, all of them don’t have hard caps on data usage, but a truly great Unlimited plan allows you to enjoy all that data your way.

Here’s why Yoodo’s Unlimited plan lets you do it better than any other plans out there:

1. Best coverage in Malaysia!


Unlimited data with limited coverage is a terrible combo. Data without a stable network to travel on is like having a car in a place without roads—you’d be in for a bumpy ride.

The good news is Yoodo rides on Celcom’s network, the widest 4G coverage in Malaysia!

Other networks might fail you even in some urban areas. But with Yoodo, your Unlimited plan can be fully enjoyed almost anywhere in the country. Now that’s a claim that’s hard to beat!

2. Get on with Add-Ons!

We’ve got dedicated data buckets for pretty much every popular app you can imagine.

Wanna game for hours a day, every day? No prob, you can dip into our 20GB Gaming Add-Ons for Pokemon UNITE, PUBG Mobile and more! 

Have tons of people you’re texting daily? Cool, we’ve Social Add-Ons for Telegram, Whatsapp, WeChat and several others to choose from.


No matter what you love to use your data for, we’ve definitely got the perfect Add-On for you. Better yet, these Add-Ons start from as low as RM1!

3. Adjust your plan effortlessly!

All it takes is a few taps on your Yoodo App.

Spent a bit too much on a new couch? No prob, you can just cut down on voice minutes or Add-Ons accordingly by adjusting your plan’s slider on your App.

Just graduated and heading straight for your first job? Celebrate by upgrading to 6 Mbps for super speed at streaming, downloads and more!


The best part is no matter how you adjust your Unlimited plan, you’d never have to worry about going over a data limit. Because it doesn’t exist. 😉

4. Customise any way you like!


Have all the extras you can hope for, or as little as you’d like. Either way, your Yoodo Unlimited plan will never have any unwelcome additions.

You could choose the simplest Unlimited plan at RM35 for 3 Mbps, 6 GB of hotspot, and 100 voice minutes. Or you could upgrade to a more powerful 6Mbps plan with up to 20GB of hotspot, 4,000 voice minutes, and more than 20 Add-Ons to mix and match!

Whatever you decide, you can say goodbye to bill shock either way. You’ll only ever pay for what you need, and that’s a promise!

We’re pretty chill, so there’s no long-term contract forcing you into a plan that might eventually not suit you. Even if that happens, you could always customise your plan in minutes!

So if you’re looking for an Unlimited plan that’s all about doing it your way, look no further than Yoodo. Convinced that we’re awesome 😎? Find out how you can get started with Yoodo today!