10 things that should make a comeback in Malaysia

June 30, 2021

Escaping back into the good old days is a Malaysian pastime almost as well-known as fighting over the best laksa. We asked our team about the things they missed, the things they wanted to bring back for future generations, or the things they’d heard about but never experienced. Their nostalgia session led to this list, which we hope you all enjoy!

Festive fast food

Chinese New Year burger with curly fries? Yes. Limited-edition Deepavali tandoori chicken? Also yes. Nasi lemak and rendang-flavoured ANYTHING for Raya?

giphy 5 1

Short answer: Yes. Longer answer: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES

Listen, it’s been a challenging year for all of us. If that celebratory tapau makes you feel happy, we’re all for it

5 sen wantan mee

giphy 9

Not to be a walking Lat comic or anything, but we love the idea of cheap AND filling local food sold right on your street. Just ask your parents/grandparents about the nasi kandar man or tok tok mee (not to be confused with Tik-Tok noodles). 

And if you’re craving some local delicacies just like we are, make sure to reach out to your community hawkers and help them get through the pandemic. We all gotta eat. And speaking of food deliveries…

Brick games

jun21 brickgame

Image: Shopee

Whether you got yours from the pasar malam, gas station or game store, who can deny the beeping, chirping POWER of the brick game…or its 99-games-in-1 cousin? A lot of batteries were sacrificed for our entertainment and urge to clear lines of bricks…but if you’re still great at packing a lot of things into a little bit of space, it wasn’t wasted.

The roti man

jun21 rotiman

Who doesn’t like bread? Image: HungryGoWhere

9 out of 10 Yoodo team members miss hearing the roti man’s horn in the evenings (Writer #10 asked ‘what’s a roti man?’). This kapitan of carbs would deliver bread, buns and other baked goodies to hungry stomachs across the nation. While some areas still see them on the regular, in others they’re just a memory. What’s it like where you are right now?


giphy 1 1

Remember owning one of these and feeling like you were the king/queen of the world? Untangling the headphones every time you stuffed them in a drawer? Recording songs off the radio onto blank cassettes to make your own mix tapes? All these gave way to Discmans, Internet downloads and Spotify playlists (except the headphone tangles) but Walkman ownership was pocket prestige long before there were handphones.

Pepsi Blue

jun21 pepsiblue

If the song isn’t stuck in your head at this point, treasure your youth.

Not many truly blue things exist in nature, they say. But Pepsi Blue turned the laws of nature on their head with fizzy berry-flavoured goodness. And while it’s making a comeback in the US, the rest of us fans here can only sit here with our chins in our hands, sighing longingly and feeling…blah.

MSN Messenger

jun21 msnmessenger

Image: Microsoft

Remember setting up that perfect display name with a dozen emojis? Putting song lyrics and quotes under your name? The little *bloop* that told you someone had messaged? Nudging someone for the heck of it? MSN remembers…even if some of us can’t even remember our Hotmail passwords any more.

Trebor T-Drops

unnamed 1

Did the T stand for ‘terabur’ or something? Image: The Smart Local

Half of the appeal of T-Drops was the cute round sweets. The other half was that neat metal tin. And the other other half was storing/opening that tin so the cornstarch/sugar inside wouldn’t spill out and dust everything you owned in white.

Water Ring Toss

jun21 waterringtoss

Water you waiting for? Image: Starts at 60

Step aside Dark Souls, those of us who were lucky enough to have one of these know what true difficulty is. There were a few variants of these, the original involved using jets of water to guide rings over plastic spikes. We probably wouldn’t have the patience to stick with these  nowadays, but back then when a ring landed cleanly on a spike…

giphy 2 1

The 2020 Monster

While 2020 was certainly…eventful…we’re talking about a very specific monster here. Yes, the monster savings every Yoodo user enjoyed with 20GB of Data available for just RM20! Binge videos, make lots of video calls, even turn your phone into a hotspot…the possibilities were simply endless. You do you best, after all.

Now the thing is, we know our users all miss this one. A lot. So here’s some good news: the monster is back!!

yoodo 2020 web home page banner eng 1

That’s right, folks: you can get a 20GB Base Data Plan for just RM20 again! Make sure your app is updated to show the latest price sliders (remember, you can renew your plan at ANY time), and grab that deal you’ve been pining after for the past few months. Want to know more? Just check out our website or read the handy FAQ here.