Yoodo’s New Year resolution guide

December 23, 2019

Now some of us will be busy planning their 2020 New Year resolutions…and some others will probably decide on theirs at 2020 hours on New Year’s Day. But if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well, so here’s Yoodo’s guide to making resolutions that will be more meaningful, more practical, and most importantly, harder to break:

Ask the right questions

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The resolutions you want to make might be obvious. But if you really sit down and reflect on the year you’ve just had, you might see certain patterns in what makes you happy, or what changes you need to level up in life. Some questions you might want to ask include:

  • What’s my favourite memory of the year?
  • What’s the boldest, most daring thing I’ve done in 2019?
  • What were my successes, no matter how small?
  • What challenges did I face?
  • What do I want to do in 2020?
  • What’s one thing I can do to make it happen?

We’ve put together a template that you can save to your phone or Insta story as a reminder – download it here! But before deciding on the actual resolution…

Set small goals

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What part of SMALL did you not get?!

No need to throw yourself at a mountain when you can climb a series of hills instead! Give yourself a small, achievable goal that will set you up for success and motivate you to try for greater things. Once you’ve taken care of the small things, the big things won’t be so insurmountable.

Set concrete goals

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Not that kind of concrete, but still pretty lit.

Give yourself some real goalposts that will prevent you from losing hope or negotiating with yourself. For example, instead of saying ‘I will work out more’, tell yourself ‘I will run for 20 minutes 3 times a week’. Instead of ‘I will shop less’, try ‘I will spend no more than RMxxx on non-essentials’. Instead of ‘I will do better on exams’, start with ‘I will push my grades up one letter by the end of the term’. The more set in stone your goal is, the clearer your target – and the easier it will be to work towards hitting it!

Reward yourself

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We all love our rewards, yes? When you reach a goal, treat yourself to something special. Celebrate your success, no matter how small, because you’re pretty awesome. Then go forth and aim for something bigger!

Make a list

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Remember that template? We made it just for you so you can have a reminder of what you have to get done. A resolution is safe enough in your head. But it’s also great to have it in print (or pixels) somewhere you can see it regularly and keep yourself on track. You might want to write yourself a memo or hang up a typed version in front of your bedroom mirror – whatever works as a reminder for you.

Do it together

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Life’s so much better when you do things together! Rope in friends and family to keep you accountable. If you’re the competitive type, a resolution buddy will help to encourage/threaten you on the way to your final goal. And sometimes, knowing that someone else is counting on you gives you that extra boost to stick to your mission.

As our fans wrap up for the year and look back on all the things they’ve accomplished in 2019, we’re doing the same and celebrating 365 days of you doing it better. Look out for our 2019 Rewind video online, and have a wonderful 2020 ahead!