Why You Should Customise Your Unlimited Plan With Yoodo

December 21, 2022

Unlimited data is great. There’s no denying that. Nothing in the world compares to having infinite access to the infinite wealth of knowledge, entertainment and cats that the internet has to offer. But Unlimited plans do have their ‘limitations’.


Most, if not all Unlimited plans come with speed caps. No telco in Malaysia can promise you a fully Unlimited plan that comes with open speed AND a reasonable price. Yoodo understand the pain! With Yoodo, you get a choice between 3Mbps and 6Mbps for your Unlimited plan. While these speeds are reasonably fast, you know deep in your hearts that sometimes you just want to go faster. This is where our customisation comes in handy.

Add on some Add-Ons!

With Yoodo, you can add Add-Ons to your plans. These are specific high-speed data buckets that cater to your favourite apps… specifically.

Say you’re really into PUBG Mobile and you love to snipe at a low ping rate; on top of your Unlimited plan, you can subscribe to a 20GB High-Speed PUBG Mobile Add-On that will ensure that all your PUBG Mobile gaming sessions run without any speed caps. Easy right?



It really doesn’t stop there. We’ve been actively adding more Add-Ons for every new App that Malaysians love. Gaming, streaming, socials and even video chat; if you need to go fast with it, we probably have it in store. Check out what Add-Ons we have right here.

P-P-P-Power Pass!


Sometimes you gotta fast for a brief period of time. Yoodo understands this and is ready to back you up with our Power Pass! 


Get 100GB worth of data at High-Speed to use within 1 hour, 3 hours or 12 hours. Reasonably priced at RM2, RM5 and RM15 respectively. 

So when you just have to binge that anime at super high quality on its release day, you can rest assured knowing that you can just jump on a Power Pass and get it DONE!

Less mess. Really.


With most Unlimited plans out there, you’re bound to be stuck in a plan that

      A)  Hooks you up with a contract and

      B)  Comes packaged with unnecessary things like unlimited calls or data for apps you never use.


Having a fully customisable Unlimited plan means that you can pick and choose only the things that spark joy to your mobile plan. Introverted and don’t particularly enjoy talking on the phone? Get fewer voice minutes. Really like spamming people with SMS for no particular reason? Go for it and add 300 SMS to your plan, because Yoodo don’t judge what you do, we just want you to be you.

On top of all this, our Unlimited plan comes with no contracts. So if you find out that having an Unlimited plan is NOT for you, then go ahead and change it to a High-Speed plan and get 20GB for only RM20. No pain, no fuss.

Excited to finally go Unlimited? Get started with Yoodo now!