WFH: Expectation vs reality

June 25, 2020

Some of us are coping better than others working from home right now, we’re sure.


We’ve all heard the smart tips on staying productive…but we’ve also seen the not-so-great follow through. So we thought we’d ALSO give you our two cents on dealing with the common pitfalls of our new home-based lifestyles.

(No-)Work Zone

The expectation: You set up a dedicated work area, sit there 9 to 5, and get your tasks done on time every time.

The reality: You can’t stay in your dedicated work area because you have to cook/clean/care for other folks in the house (hi, WFH parents, we see you)

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The solution: 

Everyone has to work together and make an effort for this one. We do mean everyone, because you’re all officially #TeamYourHouse. Set a work/”home time” schedule that ensures everyone has time to buckle down and get things done, delegate household tasks where you can, and do your best to follow through and support the people around you. It’s tough, but change is still possible.

Dressing to Impress

The expectation: You dress like you’re going to work every morning, and looking sharp keeps you sharp.

The reality: After three weeks you gave up and started slumming it. You haven’t changed your pants since last Sunday.

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The solution: We get it. Work clothing might be too warm or too fiddly to get comfortable with, and unless you’re still checking in over video calls, nobody will care. But you can still transition from Sleep Mode to Pro Mode with just one item. Pick a work shirt, hoodie, headband or accessory that you can slip on and remind your body it’s time to get busy.


The expectation: You take a 5 minute break and get back to work.

The reality: You take a 30 minute break and don’t feel like getting back to work.

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The solution: When your brain is going through a crisis (times are rough, friends), it will naturally look for distractions. Set a timer, stick to it, and schedule something after your toilet/coffee/water break that you can look forward to. This can be a task or challenge you enjoy, or a simple task that can get you back in the groove.

Out of Boundaries

The expectation: You clock in and out on time, and everyone knows not to disturb you in your quiet time.

The reality: Everyone knows where to find you 24/7 and you’re getting messages at all hours. They know you’re home, where else would you be?

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The solution: This one’s tough, we gotta admit. If you can (and most of us who aren’t essential workers can), start putting your phone away and checking it only occasionally after work is over. This helps set the expectation that whatever you ask for outside office hours only gets dealt with inside office hours.

And if you’re one of these ping-happy people, let your colleagues chill out after work is over, or let them know you don’t need an immediate response. Let your team – and yourself – recharge properly, so we can all support each other better.

Distractions, distractions

The expectation: Without office distractions, you’re super productive.

The reality: You miss the office distractions…and the coffee machine…and your favourite chap fan stall…and…and…and…

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The solution: Tough it out, o brave one. Some of us are lucky enough to have our colleagues as our friends too, so stay connected over work chats or video calls. And if you’re pining for the background noise of your office, you can always start streaming background noises while you work. One of our writers likes to pretend they’re on the beach with ocean waves.

The New Old You

The expectation: You’re going to work on yourself through quarantine!

The reality: You’ve become a permanent lump on the couch.

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The solution: Just let yourself be. Seriously, this is okay. None of us have gone through something like this before. Right now, taking care of yourself might look like jogging around the neighbourhood, reading a book a week, or starting a skincare routine. It may also look like getting up every day, surviving, and sticking to a routine. Don’t beat yourself up!

Whether you’re settled into your routine at home or impatiently waiting to get back out into the world, all of us at Yoodo are all rooting for the way you do you. And if you’re an active user, take advantage of our 20GB for RM20 deal to catch up with work, movies, games – anything that makes it easier to handle the isolation. Stay strong, and we’ll see you all on the other side of the RMCO!