We asked our fans to create an ‘unlimited’ menu. Now it’s time to dine!

December 22, 2021

Earlier this month, we asked all of you what you would have for an UNLIMITED makan sesh. And the results…did not disappoint!

giphy 2

Everyone had truly mouthwatering suggestions, and while only one winner walks away with RM30 Grab vouchers (our treat), we also wanted to show off some of our favourite shortlisted entries. So wash your hands, prepare your stomach and feast your eyes on our top 10 unlimited food picks:

Sometimes you gotta go for the classics

dec21 1

We’ll let you all decide what sides count as Classic Nasi Lemak™ must-haves. But everyone loves that first fragrant whiff out of the packet…oops, brb, gotta wipe away the drool…

Rice lovers round the world unite

dec21 2

We hope you’ll take good care of your (kera)boo every day of the week.

But pizza is perfect too

dec21 3

Whether you’re from Italy or just Batang Kali, you can’t go wrong with things on bread with sauce. Speaking of sauce…

Roti 24/7? Yes we can(ai)

dec21 4

This is a diet we can get behind! So many curries, so little time to taste them all.

We predict a meat-cute in your future

dec21 5

Kelas. Our writers’ desk supports this notion.

Time to burger-mbira

dec21 6

We’re leaving our umbrellas at home for this one.

Shout out to our fave wingmen and wingwomen

dec21 7

We can smell them already. Wings are one of the few things everyone will happily get their hands dirty for!

Lotsa love for laksa

dec21 8

Asam? Yes. Kari? Yes. Laksam? Very yes. We simply adore every form of our local noodle feasts!

Chilling out with the puns, we see

dec21 9

Clearly this fan has got the scoop on what it takes to be extra coooool.

And there’s always room for more dessert

dec21 10

We tira-miss eating this, so if you have any suggestions…hit us up online!

But did you know that’s not the UNLIMITED you can get with Yoodo?

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There are even more unlimited goodies up for grabs with our spend and win campaign!


Just activate your first Yoodo line or port in an existing line to Yoodo, subscribe to an Unlimited plan and…keep your fingers crossed. Winners will be selected at random to receive a host of fantastic prizes including the iPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung 65″ Smart TV, phones, accessories and Yoodo credit!


So get ready to feed your senses and do it better with our Unlimited data plan…and beyond! This contest ends 31 December, so make sure you’re on an Unlimited plan by the end of 2021 to qualify. Good luck!