Tell us how you celebrate Deepavali and we’ll tell you which festive must-have you are!

November 3, 2021

Where do you belong in the Deepavali celebration?


Are you charming all the guests? Making magic with kuih in the kitchen?


Maybe you’re the one everyone runs to when they need the floor swept/the dishes stacked/the garlands hung, until your only response is:


Now our (cough) extremely scientific Deepavali quiz will let you know which part of the festivities you’re most like. Give it a spin below!

The Deepavali celebrations we know and love are all about the details, even when it leads to a whole bunch of busywork. All the little things come together for something bigger than any one of us: family, friendship and togetherness. This Festival of Lights, we hope that you’re keeping that little flame safe in your heart as we all step back (cautiously) into the world.

…What, you don’t believe us? After we wrote that whole jiwang paragraph and everything? Just watch our Deepavali short, then: