Social media hacks for the savvy Malaysian

July 15, 2019

According to Hootsuite and We Are Social, Malaysia is fifth globally and FIRST in Southeast Asia for mobile social media penetration! So if anyone grumbles at how you’re always stuck to your phone, just tell them you’re doing your part to keep that record up.

For more casual users, or just those who don’t enjoy tinkering with settings like a mad scientist, there are lots of ways to make your social media more fun, fulfilling, and…well, social! We asked our team for their tips on how they win at social media. Here they are:


  • Tweeting like a night owl is fine. Tweeting on night mode to save your eyes is even better. Tap/click on your profile picture and select Dark mode or the lightbulb. Tap/click again to switch back.
  • A multi-tweet rant is like an overloaded burger: possibly delicious, definitely messy. Turn them into threads so anyone looking for the full story doesn’t have to scroll far.
  • Save tweets on the down-low for later with Bookmarks on your phone. Tap the share icon, then Add Tweet to Bookmarks. You can view all your Bookmarks under your profile menu.
  • Like a picture or video, but maybe not the caption? Press and hold over the media, select Tweet GIF/Photo/Video, and you’re all set. This is also doable on your desktop, just a little bit more complex. (Friendly reminder: Make sure you credit the source of whatever you’re tweeting! Yoodo supports our creative community.)
  • Just not in the mood to scroll today? Go mouse-free with Twitter’s keyboard cheats. Navigate between tweets with J/K. Click L/R/T to like/reply/retweet, block/mute with B/U and search by pressing /. We’d go on, but you can get a full list by clicking your profile picture on your desktop and selecting Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Got a cause, tweet or viral joke you want people to know you for? Pin it to your profile! Click on the dropdown for any original tweet (no RTs) and select ‘Pin to your profile’.
twitter 2

The GIF’s a little old, but you get the picture.


  • We’ve all accidentally refreshed our timeline in the middle of reading something interesting…and never saw that post again. Nxt time this happens, rewind and revisit what you’ve lost in the shuffle by visiting
  • Can’t get the gang together for a movie night? Try a Watch Party instead. Watch Parties allow you to watch videos as a group, chat and comment. Get the whole story with some help from Facebook
  • Fancy Facebooking like a pirate or while standing on your head? Give your brain a little stimulation (or a good laugh) with Facebook’s many language options. English (Pirate) and English (Upside down) are two of many options to browse in.
  • Like a post enough you want to keep it? Save it so you can come back to it whenever you need to. Click the three-dot menu at the top of the post and select Save Post. You can also group them into Collections to keep your spicy recipes and spicy memes nicely separated.
  • Here’s to all the friend requests that were sent out, ignored and promptly forgotten about. But if you do want to see who’s been leaving you hanging, click on the Friends icon, then Find Friends >> View Sent Requests
fb 2


  • Spice up your posts and bio with special fonts – and we don’t just mean bold and italic. Unicode text converters (like this one) give you aesthetically interesting options to add to your profile.
  • In love with Lark but uncharmed by Charmes? Add, remove and rearrange Instagram filters by scrolling right to the end of your filter list and clicking Manage. Keep all your faves on board and leave the rest behind.
  • Archive an Instagram post to make it invisible to everyone but yourself. Tap the post you’d like to archive, open the three-dot menu at top-right and select Archive. Now you see it, now you don’t!
  • Feeling blue…or green, or orange? Take a picture in Stories, then press and hold with the pen tool to fill the screen with a single colour. Add a translucent colour overlay by doing the same with the highlighter.
  • Already bored of the usual Instagram Story filters? Follow AR creators like @dvoshansky / @johwska / @charreel to try out more.
ig 2
  • Let Instagram keep you on the straight and narrow and away from too much time spent scrolling that never-ending stream of pictures. Set a usage timer by going to Settings >> Account >> Your activity >> Manage your time. Instagram will alert you once you’ve hit a specific time limit.

Now you’ve got some tips under your belt, go forth and do it better online! If you’re a real social media kaki, you’ll also love our social media add-ons. Get data packages just for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (new and by popular demand)! Add-on prices start at RM5/month so you can customise your plan to suit your online habits. Say no to FOMO and yes to Yoodo – and everything else you love!