Quiz: How dependent on your phone are you?

February 26, 2021

Time for a little fun and games, dear readers. Tell us about your day, and we’ll tell you just how glued you really are to your phone!

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Question 1: The alarm goes off on Monday and you’re awake (ugh). What’s the first thing you do?

a. Scroll social media to see what drama blew up while you were asleep
b. Check for any important notifications you need to sort out
c. Brush your teeth lah, abuden?

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Question 2: You’re all ready for the workday ahead. Now, how do you communicate with your colleagues/clients/bosses?

a. Text or group chat
b. Phone call
c. Emails or external website (Podio, Workplace etc.)

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Question 3: Time for lunch! You’re most likely to…

a. order from Grab/Foodpanda/something similar
b. heat up the leftovers from last night
c. cook something fresh

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Question 4: You’ve got some free time (woohoo!) You…

a. Start a PUBG MOBILE match
b. browse social media
c. read a book

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Question 5: In group chat’s, you’re the one who…

a. talks like mad
b. talks a little
c. says like, five words in total

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Question 6: MCO is over and you’re making someone you love a fancy, fancy meal. A fancy, fancy meal you’ve never cooked before. But not to worry, because you…

a. cook along with a Youtube video
b. find a recipe online
c. look up the recipe from mom’s ancient cookbook

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Question 7: Finally, what’s the last thing you do at night? 

a. Scroll phone until you zzzzzzzzz
b. Charge your phone
c. Read! No screens before bedtime.

Have you tallied up your answers? If you got

  • mostly As: You rely on your phone a lot. A LOT. And as a telco, of course we love that you’re using our 4G network (thanks Celcom) to its fullest. But do remember to look up once in a while, because there’s a world beyond your screen as well as within it!
  • mostly Bs: You’ve got a good balance going there! You keep your phone close, but you don’t get twitchy when it’s more than a metre away. Keep it up.
  • mostly Cs: You don’t rely on your phone much at all. Some say you’re old-fashioned. You say you’re practical. Or you’re just fighting a lot with your telco, in which case…maybe switch to Yoodo?
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