MUST READ: How to protect your smartphone from cyber attacks

June 21, 2023

Cyber attacks are a big deal. Some are so bad, one wrong click on your smartphone could mean you losing control of your savings or privacy.

It never hurts to add extra layers to your smartphone security. Here are some tips to do exactly that:

Regularly monitor smartphone usage


Look through your own smartphone activity every now and then, and see if you can pick out any activity that you’re sure you DID NOT DO.

This checking also includes your Yoodo App. Your app dashboard precisely tracks your data, voice and SMS usage. You’ll also know all the details you need with a quick glance.

If there are irregularities in your smartphone activity, it could be that you have been hacked.

Checking regularly ensures you can spot a potential cyber attack quickly and respond before more damage is done. Be smart when Yoodo you!

Download ONLY verified apps


This may sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people get malware from questionable apps.

Apps downloaded from Google Play and App Store are definitely far more reliable than downloading from other sources.


ALWAYS double check the source before you tap the download button. Don’t ignore user reviews and ratings either. Thousands of people complaining about the same thing is usually a huge red flag.

For the record, our Yoodo App is verified and super safe to download, so no worries there. 😉

Not using your connection? Turn it off


Unless you’re expecting a work email at 3am, turn off your data and internet connection before heading to bed. Besides, people can still call you if it’s really an emergency.

Cyber thieves and hackers need a connection to access your device to begin with. They got nothing to work with if you shut off the connection entirely.

Of course, you can’t permanently keep your connection shut since using data is freaking awesome. But at least you’ll give others fewer opportunities to hack you.

Use a trustworthy VPN


A proper VPN provides an encrypted server while you use your awesome Yoodo data to surf online. This means your IP address gets hidden and your data usage private, making it so much harder for hackers to track and mess with you online.

Downloading one is quick and activating it takes a couple of seconds, so there’s no reason not to. Now you can browse all the cat videos you want in complete privacy. Not like there’s anything embarrassing about cat videos though…


All of these steps are super simple to follow, but super effective for your smartphone security. So just do it and enjoy your Yoodo plan with extra peace of mind.

Speaking of peace of mind, it’s always more relaxing to have a plan that does exactly what you want, with no hidden costs or surcharges for features you don’t use.

Wanna plan like that? DIY yours now with Yoodo!