Title: Malaysia Boleh! 6 incredible inventions from Malaysian minds

August 13, 2019

So…what’s Malaysia put into for the world lately? Besides our delicious food, friendly people and ancient rainforests, we mean.


HOMPFNOMPFNOMPFNOMPF – ah, pass the sambal please

Truth be told, we’ve also got some interesting inventors with roots in our country. You might have seen their inventions just today. You might even be using them yourself! So come take a journey with us as we point out just 6 of the cool things Malaysia has introduced to the world…

Newton Egg Maker / Automatic egg boiler – Datuk Hew Ah Kow


Image source: The Star

The pride and joy of kopitiams, mamaks and egg lovers everywhere, this invention makes boiling eggs a snap. While working as a bulldozer operator in 1973, Datuk Hew started experimenting so he and his team could have perfect half-boiled eggs for breakfast. Many punctured tins, litres of water and cracked eggs later, he finally hit on a working solution.

Unfortunately, he didn’t patent his invention and sold one of the first prototypes to a visiting stockist, who took it to a plastic manufacturer that began mass-producing it. Perhaps equally unfortunately, all those tests made him (and his colleagues) go off eggs!

But Datuk Hew hasn’t rested on his laurels – he’s made an improved version of the egg maker, and gone on to invent an all-natural mosquito repellent (Antimos) and the HAK Smart Socket, which won’t switch on without a plug in it.

Polyclone / Instant rubber stamp machine – Robest Yong

Steps of making

Ta-dah! (Source:

Before Polyclone, it could take up to a week to get a stamp done. Not ideal when you need a company chop…chop-chop.

giphy 1

AAAAAHHH please don’t chop us we’re sorry!!!

Robest adapted a printing technology he encountered in Japan to create an instant rubber stamp machine, using a polymer that looks like clear rubber. That won him a gold medal in the 1994 International Invention Competition in Geneva. Since then, he’s also invented mosquito glue, fertiliser, an egg incubator and the VisionTouch Braille Phone, which enables the blind to type on smartphones. Check out his TEDx talk, too!

Nehemiah walls – Dr Nehemiah Lee


Have you seen this wall? (Source:

If you’ve driven past a flyover lately, you’ve definitely seen one; they’re recognisable by the hexagonal slabs on the surface. The wall has three components: the outside blocks or facade, the compressed soil or sand inside, and the galvanised carbon steel rods that lock the blocks together and reinforce the soil. It’s able to tolerate larger differences in how the soil settles along the wall, where a typical reinforced concrete wall would crack.

Dr Lee invented the wall after becoming inspired by French architect Henri Vidal’s concept of Reinforced Earth. He adds, “I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of building walls that are not for dividing people, but are strong, versatile, and useful.” His wall has certainly brought folks together – or at least, it’s helped bring them from point A to point B!

Lytro camera – Ren Ng

Ever taken the perfect photo…and then realised you focused on some random plant in the background instead? With a Lytro camera, no problem! It’s a plenoptic camera which doesn’t just capture how much light there is in the photo, but also which directions the light rays are coming from. The result: you can change the focus of a photo even after you’ve taken it.


Oo, nifty!

Ren Ng invented the Lytro as an attempt to shrink down advanced light field technology into a commercial package. After getting his PhD, he started Lytro, Inc. to make plenoptic cameras that everyone could enjoy. After stepping down as the company’s CEO in 2012, he’s currently an assistant professor at the University of California.

Flipper toothbrush holder – Goo Yock Tee

Ah, the humble toothbrush. Waiting faithfully for your return…lying in a puddle near the sink…rubbing up against the rest of the family’s toothbrushes…soaking up the mist from every time someone flushes a toilet…

giphy 2

Don’t be fooled. It’s seen things.

But enough of all that. The Flipper holder keeps your toothbrush dry, enclosed and clean – all important things for something that goes into your mouth on the regular. Its easy-open, easy-close design has also won it a Red Dot award, Malaysia Good Design award and a Singapore Design Award 2000.


Click in, click out! (Source:

This simple, sanitary solution is the result of many months of work on the part of Goo and his designers and engineers. But now that it’s out in the world, you’ll wonder how you or your toothbrush ever survived without it.

Winter grade palm biodiesel – Datuk Dr Choo Yuen May


(You didn’t think we forgot about the ladies, did you?)

Palm oil isn’t just for frying your goreng pisang any more – you can also make biodiesel from it! The only problem is, it solidifies at temperatures below 15°C. What’s a driver from colder climes to do?

giphy 3

Basically this is your biodiesel…in the cold

Enter Datuk Dr Choo Yuen May, who developed a process to create winter grade palm biodiesel. This cold-resistant fuel stays liquid all the way down to –21°C, and is currently being produced commercially at three plants operating in Malaysia. Now every car can run cleaner and greener on multipurpose palm oil!

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