If you haven’t felt this way before, you haven’t really played ML:BB

March 29, 2022

It’s the dawn of a new day, and you’re ready to face new challenges and do your best…

rafaela mobile legends

…in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, of course.

Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, we bet you’ve gone through at least one of these situations while fighting your way to the top:

When you try a new character

i have no idea what im doing no idea

Which sometimes leads to you messing up your move rotation and item #2 on this list…

When you fail at playing a new character and everyone gets tilted

penguins run

Why are you mad it’s just a game TT_TT

When you end up carrying the whole game

my back is killing me danny tanner

Sometimes it’s worth all the sweaty palms and blistered thumbs to savour that flawless victory. And for the rest of you, you’re welcome.

When the other team keeps bullying the noob who just joined

must be protected at all costs bricky

Come on, y’all, play nice. We’re not saying coddle the newbie, but don’t curbstomp them (and only them) just because.

When you pick your favourite character…for the wrong lane


Should definitely have finished that coffee before launching.

When you match up with a team and it just…flows

kronk emperors new groove

Moments like these are almost as good as the diamonds. Almost.

When you beat the loudest, trash-talkingest team

you can shut up now jacob black

And now we know who’s really the best. 🙂

When YOU are the loud, trash-talkingest team that got beat

angry anger

Git gud next time.

When you need just one. More. Diamond. to score your dream skin

star wars rogue one krennic

You’ve been saving and saving and you can almost TASTE that Lightborn skin!!


But with Yoodo, you can score the diamonds you need for your #aesthetic AND play ML:BB for hours without burning your base data plan!

yoodo MLBB web header visual 1

Just switch to Yoodo, get yourself a base plan and our RM3 20GB ML:BB Add-On, and fill up the form in your email. 

  • The first 120 users who sign up with a plan worth RM25 or more will get 250 diamonds
  • The first 100 users who sign up with a plan worth RM35 or more will get 350 diamonds


So go on and play until your thumbs fall off…or you get the skins and boosters you’ve been craving all this time. Show off your best by tagging us on social media (@yoodomy) wherever you are!