Here’s how to shop smart for clothes online

January 19, 2022

Ah, clothes shopping. There’s nothing quite like walking into the store…looking at the discount signs…feeling up the clothes…comparing styles…hunting for that one last thing in your size…


We’re fine. We’re fine.

Then again, in-person shopping is out of the question for quite a few of us right now. And while you can get your fashion fix online, we’ve got a couple of tips to make sure you’re clicking on the best deals in fashion.

Keep your cart stocked

We know the urge to sapu everything on offer is at its peak during sales! We also know this leads to your budget going boom and maggi kosong for the rest of the month…


So pile your cart high with all the deals you want…and then step away for a bit. When you’ve calmed down, you might realise that no, actually you don’t want those pink-and-green bellbottoms after all, even at 80% off. Now you can just check out with the items you still feel excited about, and save the rest for another sale (or if you’re on ZALORA, shunt them to your Wishlist while waiting for more deals to come along)

Shop off-season


The mat salleh’s loss can, occasionally, be your gain. As brands drop prices to make way for new stocks, the best time to get a cute summery fit is in the dead of winter…and the best time to get a heavy duty coat is the height of summer. Just make sure you don’t get your US and AUS seasons mixed up.

Know your measurements

Anyone who’s shopped for clothes from China is probably familiar with this issue: you order something in your usual international sizing…and then this package of rodent-size clothes shows up instead.


Well, at least HE looks good.

This problem is easily solved by knowing your own body measurements, and adapting them to whatever sizing chart might be available from the seller. A good starting point would be to record

  • your height and weight
  • your chest, waist and hip measurements
  • your shoulder width
  • your inseam length (from the bottom of your ankle to where your inner leg joins the body)
  • your bra band and cup size (for shoppers who wear bras)


You might need to have different measurements written down for different kinds of garments, but these should see you through the maze of sizing requirements out there.

Be a material girl/boy

That super-swishy top might look good on the screen and feel good on your body, but it may also lead to you being soaked in tropical sweat by 11:30 am. Then again, a jacket made out of that same material might be nice to keep at your office desk, a.k.a. the Malaysian North Pole…


Check out the product details for the materials used, so you can figure out how light/heavy your next purchase is, how well it deals with sweat, and whether you can throw it in the washing machine or need to launder it by hand. Speaking of which…

Read the washing instructions

The fashion police can’t stop you from washing those ‘dry-clean only’ garments at home, or chucking your running clothes in the dryer. But when your fancy outfit loses all its sequins or your track pants start peeling, don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Follow the instructions on your garment tag, and test anything new to make sure the colours don’t run. It’s fiddly and let’s be honest, a LOT of us don’t bother, but it keeps your clothes in better shape for longer (and will avoid all your white clothes getting dyed pink, AGAIN, because of that one evil shirt you keep forgetting about…)


Pandemic or no pandemic, that shirt’s a real asshole.

Make friends with your local tailor


The sleeves-too-long look only works if you’re a cartoon mouse. If you’re a human, nnnnot so much.

A lot of times, your clothes won’t fit like they do on the model. Even if you’re a model yourself. This is where a friendly tailor can really save the day!


A tailor can let down hems, shorten/lengthen pant legs and sleeves or even add a little darting to give you a better fit. Failing that, you can get friendly with a needle and thread yourself (remember those Kemahiran Hidup classes?) and alter or your wardrobe your way.

Know the return policies

Despite all these precautions, somethings you do end up buying something that a) doesn’t look good b) doesn’t match anything else you already have c) doesn’t look like anything you’d ever wear


Dear two-days-ago-me: WHAT were you thinking???

No need to fear, the return policy is here. Make sure you stay informed on if you can return purchases, how to do it, and how the vendor processes refunds. If you can’t return anything…then…maybe you could lelong it to a friend?


Luckily if you’re shopping on ZALORA, they let you return most clothes within 30 days of receipt, provided the clothes are still in their original condition, with their original tags and packaging. Just pack it up again, submit your return request online, fill out and attach their return slip, drop off the package, and claim your refund or exchange. Super simple. You can find out more about the process here.

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