8 packing tips for the savvy traveler

May 30, 2019

Ever had one of those friends who would wander off to the other side of the planet with a suitcase the size of a candy box, then come back a month later with enough room in their suitcase for souvenirs? Meanwhile, every overnight bag we pack still looks like our closet threw up in it…

giphy 9

Close…darnit, CLOSE!!


But never fear, the Yoodo team is here! We put our heads together and came up with a little list that just might make packing lighter, tighter, neater or even a little bit more stylo. Read on!

Make a list

First item on the list: make the list.

You know what they say about failing to plan and planning to fail. Take a few minutes to list down what you’ll need for the trip. This makes sure you’ve noted down everything you need…and can add or subtract from the list before you even unzip your bags. No more forgetting your passport or packing duplicate items!

Chop it in half

giphy 10

No, we don’t mean your suitcase – we mean what you put inside. Lay out all the things you’d like to bring on your getaway…and then decide what you really need. Get creative with outfits, be open to mixing-and-matching-and-maybe-laundry at your destination, and enjoy the extra space for souvenirs and shopping!

Roll, don’t fold

Rolling up your clothes helps them pack tighter and emerge at the other end of your trip without errant creases. One of our writers even rolls entire outfits together into a giant baju burrito, so she doesn’t have to destroy her whole bag looking for the perfect match-up. There are several techniques and tutorials you can view online to figure out what works best for you.

unnamed 3

Layer up

giphy 11

Yes, we’re actually telling you to pack more items. Which is going to take up less space in your bag: a fluffy coat, or two of your thicker tops and a sweater? Layering up your travel wardrobe gives you some versatility in both weather management (adjust the clothes you wear as the day gets hotter/colder/wetter) and straight-up looks (wear an extra top to disguise the fact you’ve worn that T-shirt 3 days running).

Separate your liquids

giphy 12

Um, we hope that bottle lid is screwed on tight…


You never know when something might decide to unscrew, explode or spill on the way – so toss any liquids in a separate resealable bag to keep things safe and limit any cleanup. For extra protection, open up the container, stretch some cling film across the top, and close it back up.

Use packing cubes

“But if I pack less stuff, what if they all get jumbled up during my trip?” you ask. This is where packing cubes and the like come in! They help you save space, categorise your clothes and items, and will come in very handy when you’re trying to keep your spare shoes from leaving footprints on the rest of your clothes. And speaking of bags…

Pack more bags in your bags

unnamed 4

You’ll be thankful for extra carrying power at the end of your trip (or even before). Pack empty reusable bags to serve as your travel bag, shopping carriers, or green alternative to plastic bags. There’s something very satisfying about producing your Secret Bag to carry extra items or shopping. Just try not to dislocate both your shoulders with your final haul, yes?


And if your bag still won’t cut it…if you need something new and shiny…something that looks good and lasts for ages…do we have a tip for you!

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