6 things you can jump into on Leap Day

February 20, 2020

There’s a very special occasion coming up in February…no, not the one that just passed, we already wrote about that one. It might look like any other Saturday, but a day like 29 February doesn’t come around every year!

giphy 4

Eh? Eh??

Groanworthy jokes aside, we’ve got some ideas on how you can spend this extra leap day – here and overseas!

1. Propose to your man (if you’re a lady)

While it’s traditional for guys to take the lead in popping that very important question, legend has it that waaaay back when in Ireland, Saint Brigid complained to Saint Patrick that women had to wait far too long for a proposal.

giphy 6

Yeah, that Saint Patrick.

Saint Pat then decreed women could propose themselves on this one leap day (wow, generous). The tradition then spread to Scotland and the USA. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from whipping out a ring any other day of the year (except a heap of societal expectations), but you can rest assured that on Leap Day, you’re super ultra konfem legit to go get your husband.

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2. Read the latest edition of La Bougie du Sapeur

Who even sits down with a newspaper nowadays? Then again, maybe you might if that paper only came out once every four years…and it gave you the perfect excuse to jet off to France.

feb20 bougiedusapeur

With one edition printed every leap year, the humorous La Bougie du Sapeur is the world’s least frequently published newspaper. About 150 – 200 thousand copies are printed for each edition, which costs EUR 4.70 – slightly more than a Roam Like Home Plus pass to France! If you’re feeling VERY patient, you can also grab its second-ever Sunday edition…in 2032.

3. Visit the Leap Year Capital(s) of the world

feb20 leapyearcapital

On the border of Texas and New Mexico you’ll find two very special towns: Anthony and Anthony. In 1988, Mary Ann Brown, an Anthony (Texas) Chamber of Commerce member, local resident, and leap year baby, proposed that the Chamber of Commerce host a festival centered on Leap Day. Since nobody else was hosting one, the Chamber basically decided: why not?

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Guests can expect to find hot air balloons, commemorative stamps, parades, and a gigantic birthday bash for all the leap year babies, or leaplings. If you’re a fellow leapling, it’s a great time to connect with more of your siblings and figure out the answer to one of life’s big questions: on non-leap years, do you celebrate your birthday on 28th February or 1st March? 

4. Reach new heights with extreme sports

If you’re not keen on going that far afield, you can still get the blood pumping (and the adrenaline flowing) right here in Malaysia. Try

  • parasailing (getting towed around by a speedboat while on a parachute)
  • flyboarding (flying around on jets of water)
  • ziplining (descending a line on a harness like a mad cable car)
  • canopy walking (a nice stroll through the topmost layer of a forest)
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If that all still seems like too much…jump in a pool and have a blast anyway!

5. Try something new with a Roam Like Home / RLH Plus Pass at your side

Like we said up top, 29th February doesn’t just come around every year. It’s the perfect opportunity to do something big, like taking a trip beyond your comfort zone. You might be in a new place, surrounded by new people, new food, new sights and even new languages – but you won’t be completely alone with your Roam Like Home pass. For as low as RM10 a day, you get to use your own customisable plan abroad like you never left home!

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So when Leap Day rolls around, do something new to spice up your life and jump into your own new traditions with both feet, because #youdoitbetter!