5 Reasons Why eSIM Is Better Than Physical SIMs

November 15, 2022

If you aren’t yet hooked on to an eSIM, it’s time to start. No tech-savvy smartphone user worth their salt can claim that the old-style physical SIM is superior.


Swapping out the physical and adopting the digital may feel like pointless effort. It isn’t. We, as your friendly neighbourhood Malaysian telco, are here to prove how you do it better with an eSIM.


But first…

What is an eSIM?

Unlike typical SIMs, an eSIM – a.k.a embedded Subscriber Identity Module – is a built-in phone chip that’s literally soldered to your smartphone. eSIMs do everything an old-style physical SIM can and more.


Here are the 5 biggest reasons why eSIMs are the superior option:

1. Super convenient! SIMless and seamless

While you can only have one eSIM plan at a time, this is actually a hidden plus. You can manage multiple phone numbers and plans all in a single eSIM chip, so there’s zero fiddling with a hoard of physical SIMs that are easily misplaced.

2. Say goodbye to travel SIMs

Travel SIMs are often criminally expensive and only relevant when you’re abroad. You can easily avoid crazy roaming charges with a Yoodo e-SIM paired with the Roam Like Home plan.


With it, you can keep using your old number and mobile plan from as low as RM5 per day. A Yoodo e-SIM also has the added benefit of being impossible to steal or lose unless your entire smartphone goes missing with it.

3. eSIMs are far more physically secure

While ironic, physical SIMs are more prone to damage. Meanwhile, an eSIM is completely sealed within the smartphone, making it both water and temperature-resistant.

4. eSIMs have superior connectivity

A physical SIM could develop a faulty connector over time, which can interrupt your connection. You can forget this worry with an eSIM. 


It’s worth noting there’s an ever-expanding array of technologies that intend to improve on or further harness the usage of eSIMs, which means regular enhancements to connectivity and user experience.

5. eSIMs have lightning-fast activation

You can sign-up for and activate a Yoodo eSIM within 5 minutes. There’s zero need to wait an entire day or more for a physical SIM to arrive by mail. All you need is the Yoodo app, a moment to customise your plan or mobile number, and a quick scan of the QR code sent via email.

Thinking of converting to an eSIM? Get started now with Yoodo by clicking on the link right here.