5 Must-Try Ramadan Bazaar Foods in 2023

April 18, 2023

You’re probably hungry. No, not because you’re fasting, but because you’re Malaysian. We love food so much that some of us set up the best Ramadan bazaars in the world, while the rest of us happily makan and put on weight.

Everyone has their own opinion on what the best Ramadan foods are, but here are our two sen on the 5 foods you just HAVE to bungkus balik.

Ayam Percik


Ayam percik is the best ayam. If you disagree, ayam not wrong, you are! What’s not to like about a truly Malaysian chicken dish, lovingly marinated in spices like turmeric, cumin, & coriander, along with lemongrass, coconut milk, and tamarind

Seeing it being cooked is its own joy. You can watch the sizzle as the marinade slowly caramelizes the chicken skin, making it crispy on the outside, super juicy on the inside…

If that didn’t make your stomach growl, that’s probably only because you’ve just had some.

Roti John


Spend a minute at a Ramadan bazaar, and you’ll hear someone say ‘Roti john, satu’ at least once.

It might be funny that one of the most popular local bazaar dishes is an omelette sandwich with a Westernized name. But hey, if it’s tasty, we’ll makan je. Especially if it only costs roughly RM7 or less.

Tepung Pelita


If coconut milk, pandan custard and rice flour cooked in cute banana leaf boxes don’t sound appetizing to you, you’re not treating your stomach well enough.

It’s delicate and fragrant, with a deliciously buttery texture. It’s also both sweet and savoury, yet easy on the stomach. You could eat several and still have space for the remaining foods on our list.

Thank goodness it’s so affordable, or we’d never be able to enjoy it enough.



Also called murtabak or motabbaq. We all know and love this savoury stuffed pancake, which has so many variations you could compile it all to fill a book.

Murtabak with chicken or beef is the usual fare, but there’s also murtabak kentang because who doesn’t love potatoes? Though if you want something more grand, there’s versions like the Murtabak Raja, so named due to its popularity among Kelantanese royalty in the 50s. Thanks Wikipedia!

Let’s not forget the accompanying dips, which are primarily curries of all sorts, or kicap masam manis if you’re getting the murtabak kentang.

Nasi Briyani


Pretty much every Ramadan bazaar has several stalls serving their own version of nasi briyani, because it’s sedap nak mampos.

You can’t go wrong with a nasi briyani ayam, ya know? There are vegetarian options too if meat ain’t your thing. You could also go completely baller and have a nasi briyani with lamb shank. Totally won’t judge your expensive taste.

No matter what you love with your spiced-up rice, there’s definitely a stall that serves it. Yoodo you, beb.

Speaking of Yoodo…

What do all these awesome Ramadan foods have in common? They are either super affordable, come in a ton of different varieties, or both!

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