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Buy 10 Add-ons and get 1 for FREE!

Buy 10 days worth of Roam Like Home passes and get 1 day, absolutely FREE!

So how does it work?

Purchase Add-ons or Roam Like Home Passes and get rewarded!

Purchase 10 Add-ons/10 days worth of Roam Like Home passes.

YES, you can buy them one at a time. NO, you don’t have to buy all ten at once. Don’t worry, we’ll help you keep track of them!

Claim your reward

The Claim Rewards button should now be clickable on your app. Click to claim your rewards!
For Add-ons: choose any non-zero priced Add-ons.
For Roaming Passes: you may choose a 1-day pass in the respective category.


You’ve earned it! If you feel like your work is done, you can always start back at one.

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Don’t want to claim your reward right away?
Your rewards will remain untouched and valid until you claim them. So feel free to use them whenever you want!