No Lag. No Hidden Fees.

No Excuses.


Change your plan today and enjoy the PUBG MOBILE Add-On for FREE!

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Only Pay For What You Need

Customise your mobile plan here! Slide below to see what your rates could be.

Your new plan:

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Your new plan:

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LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get 20GB High-Speed Data for Only RM20!



How Does It Work?


For existing users:

1. Click ‘Change Plan’.
2. Add 20GB PUBG Mobile Add-on (you need to have at least a base data plan to buy the Add-On).
3. Play PUBG Mobile for free after your next plan renewal!

For new users:

1. At the ‘Customise your plan’ page, choose any base data plan and then choose the 20GB PUBG Mobile Add-On.
2. Play PUBG Mobile for free!

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Important Notes
  1. To enjoy the free 20GB PUBG Mobile Add-On, please change your plan. Please ensure you have a base data plan first.
  2. In the event your plan is renewed before the promotion period, usage will take effect on your next billing cycle.
  3. Once your PUBG Mobile Add-On gaming quota depletes, it will be deducted from your base plan.
  4. Your 20GB PUBG Mobile Add-On will be renewed on the same date as your monthly plan.
  5. Any remaining or unused data of PUBG Mobile Add-On will not be rolled over upon renewal.