Starbucks jom!

We’re hitting the road just to lepak and have coffee with our Yoodo Community*
RSVP and we’ll buy you a Starbucks drink when we lepak!* (We’ll even throw in a few Yoodo merch!)
SBcup+ hand

When and where?

15 Sep
11am - 3pm & 5-8pm
Starbucks Kota Bharu Mall@Kelantan
16 Sep
11am - 3pm & 5-8pm
Starbucks KTCC Mall@Terengganu
17 Sep
11am - 3pm & 5-8pm
Starbucks Megamall@Kuantan

*Timing may be subject to change due to differences in venue


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Just so we can pack some lovely Yoodo merch and more 
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Community meet-up!

Jom lepak with other fellow Yoodoers.

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