Can’t beat them on the field? Beat them online!

Here are your opponents:

Badhri Radzi

Former Kelantan football player

Indra Putra

Kuala Lumpur Football Association
Former national football player

Lee Andrew Tuck

Terengganu FC

Wan Zack Haikal

Football Association of Selangor
National football player

Syahmi Safari

Football Association of Selangor
National football player

Zaquan Adha

Kedah Football Association
National football player

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RM 1,500

+ La Liga Goodie Bag


RM 1,000

+ La Liga Goodie Bag


RM 650

+ La Liga Goodie Bag

4th place RM650
5th place RM300
6th place RM300
7th place RM300
8th place RM300


Make your dreams come true with Yoodo’s FIFA 20 Challenge and stand a chance to win a share of RM5,000 + an official La Liga Goodie Bag.

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What’s in the Goodie Bag?

1x Official La Liga Polo shirt
1x Official La Liga ball
1x Official La Liga introduction book

Qualifying Rounds:

Qualifier 119 Sept 2020
Qualifier 219 Sept 2020
Qualifier 320 Sept 2020
Qualifier 420 Sept 2020
Qualifier 520 Sept 2020
Grand Finale28 – 30 Sept 2020

Registration period: 7 Sept 2020 – 13 Sept 2020

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