Your Yoodo guide to Horrorween

October 29, 2020

Halloween? Why settle for witches, sheet-ghosts and pumpkins when there are much scarier things closer to home?

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Just dropping in to say hi.

Asia’s best horror shows are all waiting for you on dimsum, and we’re doing our part to spread the chills with our exclusive Add-On. Get 20GB of that sweet, sweet dimsum data for only RM10/month, and enjoy all their Horrorween offerings. We’ve even included a short guide below, so you can find your favourite thing to start binging, whether you’re a scaredy-cat sweetheart or a hardboiled horror lover:

Non-spooky: Deceitful Love

01 deceitfullove

Pitcha is confident, modern and outgoing, with a thriving career as a CEO…and a good-for-nothing playboy husband. When she decides to divorce him, she hires her childhood friend Ramin, now a lawyer, to handle the case. Both of them have been burned romantically, but in this tangle of love and lies, they just might have a chance at happiness.

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Good for: Drama buffs, Romance buffs, watching with your BF/GF

Non-spooky: Happy Birthday

02 happybday

Tonmai has never had a birthday celebration in his life, until his father gives him the gift(?) of his sister Thannam’s bedroom. Also,have we mentioned Thannam is dead?

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Next time just get him a pair of socks lah.

When her spirit shows up and Tonmai is the only person who can communicate with her, he has to find out why she killed herself, her connection to famous young actor Tee, and possibly mend their relationship along the way.

Good for: Teens and young adults, anyone with a sibling

Funny/spooky: House of Spirits

03 houseofspirits

Po Luk’s will requires his four estranged children to live in his rundown home for nine months before they can sell it. For a share of the sky-high profits, the siblings move in and reluctantly learn to live together again. Things get complicated further when eldest brother Po Foon starts seeing two “neighbours” who have made themselves comfy in Po Luk’s old house!

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Good for: HK drama fans, comedy fans, watching with family

Mildly spooky: Seoul Station

04 seoulstation

Now we’re getting into the scary bits. This prequel to the live-action film Train to Busan shows how the zombie epidemic began in South Korea. So yes, expect lots of zombies, but also a healthy dose of action, subterfuge, and the dark side of humanity.

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Zombies are like keropok: you can’t just have one.

Good for: Korea fans, animation fans, Train to Busan fans.

Spooky: Kumanthong

05 kumanthong

Based on a true story, this Vietnamese film goes for the throat with dark crimes and mystic practices. Soi falls in love with a gentle healer, Luu Hunyh, who lives his life on a boat and provides his services to the impoverished villagers, gaining their trust. It’s only after Soi and Hunyh’s marriage that she discovers his shadowy past and the secret rituals he is performing. And several women start disappearing after coming to him for treatment…

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Good for: occult fans, splatter/gore afficionados, true crime fans

Very Spooky: Pengabdi Setan

06 pengabdi

Hardcore horror fans, prepare yourselves, because this remake-slash-prequel to the 1980 horror classic is not for the faint-hearted! Mawarti dies after three years struggling with an odd, debilitating illness. But her family’s troubles are only beginning. Gradually the truth begins to emerge: a web of demons, a terrifying cult, and the ones destined to be slaves to Satan. We recommend watching this during the day with the lights on. Or watch it at midnight with everything off. You’re the boss here.

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Later don’t pengsan. We warned you.

Good for: horror fans,  occult fans, people with strong stomachs

And there you have it! Get your dimsum Add-On and get as spooky (or not) as you want, just in time for Halloween. Just don’t look over your shoulder…