Your superhero identity (based on social media)

December 8, 2020

Who hasn’t wished to be a superhero even once in their life? You could fly from Langkawi to Lahad Datu in the blink of an eye, jump over KLCC in a single bound, teleport wherever you wanted to go…

Turns out with a little bit of technology, we’re all already a little bit of superheroes ourselves! Our team did some scientific calculations to discover what kind of superhero you’d be, based on your favourite social media platform.


(super scientific, y’all)

Facebook – Captain Like

Your powers: You’re a simple person. You see a good post. You like. Maybe you comment. But when you see a bad post, you’re ready to put it on blast in the comments.

Your costume: Blue, and tough as nails.

Your hidden civilian talent: You always know the exact reaction/GIF to use if you can’t leave a longer comment.

Your nemesis: Trolls and spam comments.

giphy 1

Instagram – Shooting Star

Your powers: You zap everything beautiful with one-of-a-kind lenses. You see what makes the world better…and then you make it so.

Your costume: Sparkly and pastel. Somehow you make it look good.

giphy 2

Your hidden civilian talent: Able to calculate the exact angle to take the most flattering wefies.

Your nemesis: Uncooperative lighting.

Twitter – Agent 280

Your powers: Enhanced precision. You’re a person of few words, but great impact. One sentence can bring a person to their knees – or help them rise up again.

Your costume: Light blue.

Your hidden civilian talent: You can make people laugh, weep, scream, or all three with just 280 characters.

Your nemesis: Long-winded people…and an inability to edit your typos.

giphy 3

What the bell, auto core wrecked.

TikTok – FUNtastic

Your powers: Super speed. You’re here! And there! You’re everywhere at once, and nobody can pin you down.

Your costume: Black, white, and a neon streak of whatever your favourite colour happens to be.

Your hidden civilian talent: You can summarise an entire conversation in 30 seconds.

giphy 5

Your nemesis: Camera blur.

Streaming – The Game Master

Your powers: You’re a master strategist, and can read your foes’ moves even before they know it.

Your costume: Something that probably involves a VR helmet.

Your hidden civilian talent: You’re the fastest clicker/tapper around.

Your nemesis: Running out of data – for both your connection and your machine.

giphy 6


Blogs – The Journalist

giphy 7

Your powers: Yours is an ancient knowledge, passed down through generations. But you never fail to entertain and inspire with your posts!

Your costume: Shifting, ever changing pixels. Always interesting, never still.

Your hidden civilian talent: Your knowledge of Internet slang is 100% on point.

Your nemesis: An invisible audience.

And now that you’ve discovered (or confirmed) who you are, heroes…your time has come!

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