Yoodo’s Top 5 Best-selling Plans and WHY!

December 14, 2022

Customisation is the hallmark of Yoodo, so we’re pretty much guaranteed to have a plan out there that perfectly matches your smartphone habits.


All of our best-selling plans are curated by being super familiar with Malaysians and their relationship with mobile connectivity. If you’re looking to quickly pick up a plan off the digital shelves, no hassle guaranteed, look no further than Yoodo.


Take a pick from any of our 5 hottest mobile plans to call your own!

20GB High-Speed data + 100 voice minutes + 50 SMS = RM28/month

If you’re among the majority of Malaysians that use roughly 20GB of data per month, this is the mobile plan for you. Coupled with Malaysia’s widest 4G LTE network, you’re guaranteed amazing coverage anywhere in the country. 


The 100 voice minutes is a nice, lean selection for those that mainly communicate on social apps rather than through calls. Most people may not use SMS regularly, but the 50 SMS quota is perfect for staying connected when data runs out during emergencies.


At RM28, this best-seller is more affordable than other mobile plans with similar features… minus the best 4G LTE network. 

All of the above + 20GB YouTube & TikTok Add-Ons = RM38/month

Most Malaysians love their online videos as much as they love teh tarik, kurang manis. In fact, 4 out of 5 Malaysians watch videos online daily. If we’re not viewing the latest electronic reviews on YouTube, we’re watching out for baking recipes, casual gaming videos and romantic dramas.


Then there’s TikTok, the social platform with over 4 million Malaysians. At only RM38, this best-seller allows you to enjoy standard-definition videos on YouTube and TikTok for up to 40 hours EACH. 


But if you’re more of an online texter, there’s always the next plan!

20GB High-Speed data + 20GB WhatsApp & Facebook Add-Ons = RM26/month

Who needs voice minutes and SMS when you have high-speed data! This best-seller is for any Malaysian who is all-in on socialising online. With so much data, you could browse Facebook and more for up to 9 hours daily throughout the month. FYI, that’s as long as what the average Malaysian spends online!


No social-oriented mobile plan is complete without an Add-On for the top social networking app in Malaysia. The 20GB Whatsapp Add-On means you can chat, call and share videos or images for hundreds of hours. The best part? This Yoodo plan is ONLY RM26!

Unlimited 3Mbps + 100 voice minutes = RM35/month

Not a fan of limits? Go Unlimited! For only RM35, you get fully uncapped data with 3Mbps internet speeds. This is perfect for streaming videos in standard-definition, general image sharing and music streaming on platforms like Spotify. 


Fun fact: while other ‘unlimited’ mobile plans might cap your data speed once an invisible limit is reached, Yoodo’s Unlimited plan promises legit endless data! Not only that, it comes packaged with FREE 6GB hotspot and 2GB roaming data for your travel needs.

Unlimited 6Mbps + 100 voice minutes = RM43/month

This upsized Unlimited plan is for Malaysians that want to stream videos in high-definition, download music in seconds or enjoy mobile gaming on ultra low ping. Having 6Mbps is a HUGE upgrade, with 20 times the download speed compared to 3Mbps!


At only RM43, this mobile plan is perfect for digital nomads and anyone who simply wants the best.


You could also use any of these best-sellers as a base to customise your own personal plan! But no matter what plan you decide on, you’re still gonna do it better with Yoodo.


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