Get to know the Geek Fam

August 30, 2020

You’ve played your hearts out in casual games and cheered for your fav MPL players as they fighting for glory. But did you know we have some new stars joining the Yoodo family?


This is gonna be exciting!

It’s time to meet the official Yoodo ML:BB team, Geek Fam! Here’s what you need to know  about all the members:


Full name: Mohamad Zul Hisham Bin Mohd Noor
Age: 21
Role: Multirole

yoodo geekfam players xorn

A multi-talented multi-role specialist, Xorn has racked up an overall 78.63% win rate and was also a regular season MVP for MPL Season 5. Don’t be fooled by his shy personality – he’s really a funny, chill kind of dude. Kajang folks might see him out and about in town, so don’t be shy to say hello. Who knows, maybe you can pick up a few tricks from him too!


Full name: Poon Kok Sing
Age: 23
Role: Multirole

yoodo geekfam players ozoraveki

Started from the bottom, now he’s here. Happy-go-lucky Seremban boy OzoraVeki got his start in League of Legends, and he’s now the 3rd highest damage dealer on the team across season 5.


Full name: Muhammad Nazmie Bin Khalid
Age: 21
Role: Fighter

yoodo geekfam players artz

Artz is the only player in Geek Fam to reach a 150+ win streak (so far), and has the highest savage count in Geek Fam. When he’s not pounding his competition into the dirt, he loves to travel and explore new places.


Full name: Tai Ming Hong
Age: 23
Role: Tank/Support

yoodo geekfam players rumpel

Grock main Rumpel has soaked up 55,000 damage across MPL season five. He enjoys playing Pokemon Go and working out in his free time, which probably explains that massive endurance.


Full name: Amirul Shafiq Bin Mohd Amir
Age: 25
Role: Marksman/Assassin

yoodo geekfam players feekz

With more than 19000 games played, higher than any other players in the King of KDA for MPL’s regular season 5, Feeks is the perfect assassin in the team. While generally kind and friendly, one of his favourite pastimes is ‘kacau’-ing team captain Dominus.


Name: Nik Aqieff Bin Nik Muhammed Muhyyiddin
Age: 21
Role: Captain/Mage/Assassin

yoodo geekfam players dominuns

Hail to the chief! Dominus was crowned King of KDA during season 3, which proves he has the chops to lead the Geek Fam. When he’s not calling the shots or, er, getting trolled by Feekz, he enjoys high-intensity exercise where he can wind down after a long day of dealing explosive damage.


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