Working out, Tik-Tok style

August 4, 2021

It’s all fun and games when you’re busting a move for Tik-Tok, but when you bust it too hard after weeks of lazing on the couch and something goes POP—

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The point we’re trying to make is that while we love how Tik-Tok challenges get us up and moving, you still need to prep your body for all the calories you’re about to burn. Just follow these simple tips and you’ll help your body keep on working the way it should, instead of shocking your system (and not even in like, the cool way)

Do your stretches

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Remember all those PJK lessons from school? Warm up before you boogie down with stretches, full-body movements, or even some light yoga. Getting your body primed for movement will help you move more easily, prevent cramps from cramping your style, and stave off some of that post-workout ache. Don’t forget to cool down after (and stay hydrated!)

Start off slow

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Some of you may have heard of the kilo-zapping 12-3-30 workout from influencer Lauren Giraldo: a 12% gradient on your treadmill at 3mph (4.8kph) for 30 minutes. It also builds fitness and stamina, and may even help you shed some belly fat. But going from zero to 12-3-30 might end up in you calling 999 due to injuries.


So don’t get impatient and jump right into an intense routine or trend. Make sure you’re ready for the full impact by building up to the final duration or challenge. Even Lauren had to work up to the full 30 minutes, and took breaks when she needed them. Slow and steady wins the race (or loses the weight, depending.)

Trust in tips, but do your research

There’s a LOT of info out there for aspiring fitness buffs. Sometimes not all of it can be true, in the same way not everything that shows up in your family group chats is legit…

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Ma! I told you already, COVID-19 vaccine won’t make you become robot!

It’s totally fine to pick up tips from your fave fitness influencers, but also do a little research into how true they are, how well they’ll work for your fitness goals, and how to put them into action. Don’t let those fitness fads become fails instead.

Have fun

You can’t measure happiness like protein powder or calories – but it’s an important part of getting fit nevertheless!

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If your dance doesn’t look perfect or your abs still don’t look like Faiz Ariffin’s…meh. There’s always tomorrow. As long as you’re having fun, jamming out and feeling good about your body, that’s the ticket! Let your flag fly and dance, lift and stretch your heart out. 


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